February 18, 2018

Total exertion

"I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men."
Liber AL III-49

"The evident interpretation of this is to take the word to be "Do what thou wilt," which is a secret word, because its meaning for every man is his own inmost secret. And it is the most profound blasphemy possible against all 'gods of men,' because it makes every man his own God.

We may then take it that this Solar-Phallic Ra Ha is Each Man Himself. As each independent cell in our bodies is to us, so is each of us to Heru-Ra-Ha. 
Each man's 'child'-consciousness is a Star in the Cosmos of the Sun, as the Sun is a Star in the Cosmos of Nuit."
- The new comment by AC

It is a mighty practice to invoke various Godforms/Buddhas and unite Their Wisdom, Power, Light and Love with ours...
...and yet, even more powerful practice is expressing the Strenght and Might and Wisdom that is already fully present in us, not as in 'Gods/Buddhas working through men/women', but as men/women expressing our potential, fully.

That is the Will of Ra-Hoor-Khuit for the New Aeon: not to hide behind various Godforms/Buddhas, self-sacrificing and suffering (read: resorting to our timidness et.al.), but to truly express our own inherent individuality and divinity fully, regardless.

Man is God Asleep; God is Man Awake?
Nah, there is no god but Man

Ra-hoor-khuit - Solar deity

"Our religion therefore, for the People, is the Cult of the Sun, who is our particular star of the Body of Nuit, from whom, in the strictest scientific sense, come this earth, a chilled spark of Him, and all our Light and Life. 
His vice-regent and representative in the animal kingdom is His cognate symbol the Phallus, representing Love and Liberty. 
Ra-Hoor-Khuit, like all true Gods, is therefore a Solar-Phallic deity."
- new comment on Liber AL III-22


February 16, 2018

Energized Enthusiasm

The notion that purity defines closeness to salvation is generally accepted in most spiritual traditions on this planet. Most Paths deny sensual pleasure, desires, attachments, sex etc.

Theravada Buddhists are not allowed to even see a woman when in retreat, for example.

Tantra, however, takes the opposite approach and embraces, well, everything, including sexual energy and bodily fluids.

Higher degrees in the O.T.O. also examine and employ the same.

Master Therion has had a lot of experiences along these lines and he shares his thoughts beautifully in the text below.

It is an interesting read and worth studying. I share here only the first two paragraphs, you can find link to the whole text at the end.

Energized Enthusiasm
A Note on Theurgy

I A O the supreme One of the Gnostics, the true God, is the Lord of this work. Let us therefore invoke Him by that name which the Companions of the royal Arch blaspheme to aid us in the essay to declare the means which He has bestowed upon us!

"The divine consciousness which is reflected and refracted in the works of Genius feeds upon a certain secretion, as I believe. This secretion is analogous to semen, but not identical with it. There are but few men and fewer women, those women being invariably androgyne, who possess it at any time in any quantity.

So closely is this secretion connected with the sexual economy that it appears to me at times as if it might be a by-product of that process which generates semen. That some form of this doctrine has been generally accepted is shown in the prohibitions of all religions. Sanctity has been assumed to depend on chastity, and chastity has nearly always been interpreted as abstinence. But I doubt whether the relation is so simple as this would imply; for example, I find in myself that manifestations of mental creative force always concur with some abnormal condition of the physical powers of generation. But it is not the case that long periods of chastity, on the one hand, or excess of orgies, on the other, are favourable to its manifestation or even to its formation.

I know myself, and in me it is extremely strong; its results are astounding. For example, I wrote "Tannhauser," complete from conception to execution, in sixty-seven consecutive hours. I was unconscious of the fall of nights and days, even after stopping; nor was there any reaction of fatigue. This work was written when I was twenty-four years old, immediately on the completion of an orgie which would normally have tired me out.

Often and often have I noticed that sexual satisfaction so-called has left me dissatisfied and unfatigued, and let loose the floods of verse which have disgraced my career.

Yet, on the contrary, a period of chastity has sometimes fortified me for a great outburst. This is far from being invariably the case. At the conclusion of the K 2 expedition, after five months of chastity, I did no work whatever, barring very few odd lyrics, for months afterwards.

I may mention the year 1911. At this time I was living, in excellent good health, with the woman whom I loved. Her health was, however, variable, and we were both constantly worried. The weather was continuously fine and hot. For a period of about three months I hardly missed a morning; always on waking I burst out with a new idea which had to be written down. The total energy of my being was very high. My weight was 10 stone 8 lb., which had been my fighting weight when I was ten years younger. We walked some twenty miles daily through hilly forest. The actual amount of MSS. written at this time is astounding; their variety is even more so; of their excellence I will not speak.

Here is a rough list from memory; it is far from exhaustive:

(1) Some dozen books of A.'. A.'. instruction, including liber Astarte, and the Temple of Solomon the King for "Equinox VII."

(2) Short Stories: The Woodcutter.
His Secret Sin.

(3) Plays: His Majesty's Fiddler
Elder Eel
Adonis . written straight off, one
The Ghouls. after the other

(4) Poems: The Sevenfold Sacrament
A Birthday.

(5) Fundamentals of the Greek Qabalah (involving the collection and analysis of several thousand words).

I think this phenomenon is unique in the history of literature. I may further refer to my second journey to Algeria, where my sexual life, though fairly full, had been unsatisfactory.

On quitting Biskra, I was so full of ideas that I had to get off the train at El-Kantara, where I wrote "The Scorpion." Five or six poems were written on the way to Paris; "The Ordeal of Ida Pendragon" during my twenty-four hours' stay in Paris, and "Snowstorm" and "The Electric Silence" immediately on my return to England.

To sum up, I can always trace a connection between my sexual condition and the condition of artistic creation, which is so close as to approach identity, and yet so loose that I cannot predicate a single important proposition.

It is these considerations which give me pain when I am reproached by the ignorant with wishing to produce genius mechanically. I may fail, but my failure is a thousand times greater than their utmost success.

I shall therefore base my remarks not so much on the observations which I have myself made, and the experiments which I have tried, as on the accepted classical methods of producing that energized enthusiasm which is the lever that moves God.


Read the whole text here >>

February 15, 2018

Personal freedom?

In this article I will touch upon a sensitive topic: personal freedom and happiness in daily life.

And so we have many initiatory and magickal orders that are supposed to be based on the Thelema principles of liberty, life, light, freedom and love. I say 'supposed to be' simply because I don't really see overly emphasized connection there. Let me explain:

Thelema, as far as I can tell, advocates and inspires personal freedom, laughter, joy, power of choice and, of course, the all important Will.

The Law of Liberty (II.) shares on the subject:

"...We are all free, all independent, all shining gloriously, each one a radiant world. Is not that good tidings?..."

Great, ist't it!

And then enters an average magickal practice:

Divination, gematria, astrological aspects, hexagrams, enochian tables, angels, holy libri, lamens, sephirot, tarot spreads, magickal weapons, mystical symbolism, robes, magick rings, pentagrams, crystals etc...etc...

There is a gap, a huge canyon actually, in my observation, between what is recquired to do in various magickal orders and regarded as valid practice and what really happens out there in real everyday life.

Too often I see really talented aspirants who have mastered all sorts of intricate magickal formulas and still insist on working a dead end job, living out of mommy's fridge and still rebeling against, well, everything, like a teenager.

I've got no problem with any of that, mind you, but the questions really beg for answers:
What the hell happened to Liberty, Light, Life and Love?
Where has the Thelema message gotten lost?
What good do my magickal weapons and tools do if I am still rather dishearted and unsatisfied in my everyday life?

I know what I am talking about, I promise you, for I have been avoiding real issues in my life (read: meditating) for the longest time. And what good does my entering into samadhi do if it has no function in my daily life?

<long pause>

Lets not close this article on such a low tone; lets conclude these thoughts in a true upright Thelema style I really enjoy:

Lift yourselves up, my brothers and sisters of the earth! Put beneath your feet all fears, all qualms, all hesitancies! Lift yourselves up! Come forth, free and joyous, by night and day, to do your will; for “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.” Lift yourselves up! Walk forth with us in Light and Life and Love and Liberty, taking our pleasure as Kings and Queens in Heaven and on Earth.

The sun is arisen; the spectre of the ages has been put to flight. “The word of Sin is Restriction,” or as it has been otherwise said on this text: That is Sin, to hold thine holy spirit in!

Go on, go on in thy might; and let no man make thee afraid.

- The Law of Liberty

93 93/93

February 14, 2018

Doing my Will - One System Among Many: On A∴A∴

It was in the early 2016 that I was approached to open and lead a branch of the lineage of Master Therion's system A∴A∴ I am part of.
I was honored and spirited, at first. I promptly created new web site, after a few invocations named the new branch "RHK clerk-house", prepeared most of the papers, files, ordered brand new A∴A∴ seal  lol  etc...

...and, staying true to the Will that is burning in my heart, started to review the established curriculum for the first few steps on the Crowley's A∴A∴ ladder.

I also decided to offer admission to everyone and to accept and work only with those aspirants that are already familiar with the Thelema thought, its principles, rituals etc. I was determined to refresh the reading lists, add a few things that Crowley was not even aware of back in his time etc...

...and it slowly but surely became quite obvious to my heart that approach to personal and spiritual development that was/is alive in me was not/is not really in harmony with the structure of the Master Therion's vision of the A∴A∴., from the perspective of leading a formal structure for spiritual development.

Thelema is and offers so much more!

This is not the place to elaborate on these details, so let me make a long story short:
according to my direct experiences from dedicated work since around 1993, there are only only two stages on the ladder under discussion worth investing time into: KC of the HGA (or to put it into Tantric terms, attaining Ishta Devi/a Siddhi) and Crossing the Abyss (leaving behind Godforms, personal identity etc.). Everything else, in my humble opinion, is a side show.

So, truth be told, the Crowley's A∴A∴ system, well, it works.

What is really alive in me, however, from moment to moment is Power, Freedom, and Sheer Drive to contribute to spirutual awakening of others NOT by having them follow some structure but by actively ENGAGING THEM in the process of discovering, awakening to and actulizing, their own Freedom or Will as they want (not as some system states).

So, system vs life, or following inner aliveness vs following some outside structure.
It is said "Do what thou wilt...", not "Do as various systems dictate."

It is the old age strugle between authoritarian systems and inner freedom, isn't it (if and when one is able to step out of the establishments). Well, the new Aeon is here, with its focus on personal expression of the Will, not on following others, not even Master Therion himself. He is quite clear on these matters, and he is not alone in this; the Buddha stated something similar, didn't he.

To drive what I want to express in this blog right in, I invite you to take some more time and read the article from the Thelemic Union below.
Thoughts shared in it are quite a lot (not completely of course) in harmony with my current perception of the subject under discussion.

Here we go:

"…the [A∴A∴] system which was given to me to put forward is only one of many. “Above the Abyss” all these technical wrinkles are ironed out."

Crowley wrote that in chapter 9 of Magick Without Tears. Although the context of the statement was a discussion of the Secret Chiefs, the underlying admission is striking. Crowley seems to be saying here, in rather unambiguous language, that the A∴A∴ is not the only viable system for attainment in the New Aeon. In fact, he says there are “many”.

He goes on to say in chapter 17:

"I certainly have no intention of “holding you down” to “a narrow path of work” or any path. […] It does not follow that a plan that I have found successful in my own case will be any use to you. […] Most teachers, consciously or unconsciously, try to get others to follow in their steps. I might as well dress you up in my castoff clothing!"

Again, not only is the A∴A∴ system not an absolute requirement for attaining to one’s Will, but Crowley is saying that one would be wise not to “follow in his footsteps.”

So, what is my point in all this? That ultimately, we must all follow our own unique paths to our True Will. Some will choose the strict A∴A∴ path, and that’s just fine. But as Crowley tells us, there are many available systems…I go further by suggesting that there are as many “systems” as there are individuals, in the sense that every person’s path to Will is unique. As Crowley said in “A Memorandum Regarding The Book of the Law”

Each of us has a Will of eternal import, necessarily related to everything that exists, and all our conscious desires are so many masks—one fixed expression concealing our infinite variety.

The Grades of A∴A∴ are an abstraction based upon an arbitrary model initiated by Mathers (leader of the Golden Dawn) and later developed by Crowley and George Cecil Jones, largely in relation to a power struggle over the concept of Secret Chiefs and their supposed ability to give spiritual authority. To me, that is all Victorian-era occult-culture gobbledygook. None of that is necessary to legitimize Thelema or to authorize a path of Thelemic attainment. The “New Aeon” is all about the individual and it follows that it is the individual who decides his proper path to Will. Crowley said as much on several occasions.

One of the major handicaps of Thelema, in my opinion, is how tightly bound up it is with the A∴A∴. Essentially, for many people, Thelema is the religion of A∴A∴, which can therefore only be understood and practiced within the scope of its teachings. But that seems deeply counterintuitive to the nature of the New Aeon, which is the age of freedom. Yet Thelemites are often expected to conform to the practices and beliefs of this one small and now-splintered organization. This contradiction has hobbled Thelema from growing into the robust catholic religion that it should be…remember, the Law is for all.

I utterly deny that the Law “comes from” the A∴A∴—rather, the Law simply is. The A∴A∴ is one organization designed to help people attain to a new formula of enlightenment. But as Crowley suggested above, it is not the only system available. Moreover, it makes all the post-AL “holy books” suspect as being generalizable beyond A∴A∴ work. After all, those documents were written strictly within the mode of that system…but how relevant are they to someone working a non-A∴A∴ system? I won’t go so far as to say they are irrelevant…but I do suggest that it is worth questioning.

The goal of the Thelemite is simple—to attain to an awareness of Will and to manifest it in life. If we agree that there exists such a thing, why should it be true that only Crowley’s system is the only one available to reach that goal? In fact, we hear in the above quote that Crowley himself recognized that other systems exist that can bring one into a state of Union between the Self and the All.

I have come to believe that how one goes about doing the Work is largely irrelevant (as long as it is effective…gum chewing might theoretically lead to attainment, but there are probably better methods). What matters the most is intent and diligence. Crowley teaches his system because it worked for him. But as he said, “It does not follow that a plan that I have found successful in my own case will be any use to you.” There are many tools at one’s disposal: prayer, ritual, yoga, Qabalah, tarot, dancing, music, art, immersion tanks, hypnosis, and on and on. There are many ways to bypass the conscious mind and make contact with our deeper Self, and so come to an ever-increasing understanding of Will. As long as one keeps this basic goal in mind and keeps at whatever methods are chosen, one will eventually find Success.

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Article "One System Among Many: On A∴A∴" reposted from FB.
For more details see:

February 13, 2018

Fresh aliveness every day

"Death implies change and individuality;
if thou be THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the changing, even beyond changelessness, what hast thou to do with death?

The bird of individuality is ecstasy; so also is its
In love the individuality is slain; who loves not love?
Love death therefore, and long eagerly for it.

Die Daily."
- The book of Lies - 16 (The stag-beetle)

As we can read in the commentary on the above text in The Book of Lies, the meaning between the lines is about change (mostly :)  )

Change is always present, as the impermanance is at the very core of the material existance. And the Master points in the direction of Life, Bliss and Joy by bringing into the discussion the Love itself, only to, staying true to his way of expressing himself, brings the whole thing back down again by saying, Die Daily.

Its a shame that such a wonderful and liberating fact, the change, is often perceived as something rather dark, difficult and hard; here it is even compared to the death and daying (!)

The common interpretation of the 16th arcana, The Tower (from the Thoth tarot, see above) adds to such burdened perception, in my opinion.

Granted, changes can indeed be difficult and yet, there is a flip side of this coin:

there is a state of consciousness that is beyond change (and beyond waking, dreaming and dreamless states) which can indeed contribute dramatically to our progress: samadhi (absolute state of consciousness). And entering samadhi involves no dying, it is pure joy, peace and freedom.

I've been 'entering' samadhi at will since 2007 and all I can say is that there is no need to force things. What has to be transformed and changed will present itself in due time. When the time comes, just let go; and practicing Samadhi is light years away from the death and dying!

It brings into the stream of human awareness pure Light, Freshness and Ever new Bliss, every day.

So, there is no need to associate change with the dying. Lets connect the change with New Life, Joy, Strenght, Freshness and Freedom.

"...Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!..."
- Liber AL III: 46

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February 7, 2018

The After Abyss blogs

Checking the stats of visits on this Blog, I see that the blogs on the subject of Crossing the Abyss - Liber Cheth commentary and blogs that deal with the whole After Abyss affairs, are quite well received.

To make the searching and reading easier, here are all the blogs on the topic of Abyss and then some:

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