May 21, 2015

GV spirit: Elantiel

I have been working with Elantiel (or Claunech, a spirit from Grimorium Verum (see the blog on the GV op. here >>) for some time now.

GV book shares about him:
"Claunech, also known as Elantiel or Chaunta, has power over riches, causes treasures to be found. He can give great riches to he who makes a pact with him, for he is much loved by Lucifer. It is he who causes money to be brought. It is also said that he has power over merchandise and wares. Th ose who make an agreement with him, he wil show where to find treasure and wil impart to ye the wisdom to a tain wealth."

In the first evocation he was willing to take on the task, he even asked a few questions to clarify my request.

I evoked him again after a week or so, with intention to offer him incense, perfume etc..., thanking him for his assistance.
Scirlin was present during this particular operation, she made Elantiel come to my side.

Anyway, Elantiel seemed happy with my offerings and so was I. I felt warm inside, knowing that spirit was pleased.

Few days after that I summoned him directly, this time with clear intention and request.
He appeared with all his majesty, he shows himself to me in the form of a rich king, all in gold-ware. :)

I asked him if I need to perform the operation outlined in GV book for money and he said that there is no need to use that procedure. "I will help you.", I heard.

So, I requested of him 2.000 €, in hard cash, either in EUR coins or in money bills.
My intention was firm, thoughts clear. I knew that he can deliver, I put my
trust in him (or god through him - there is no god but man, actually).
He said that he will manifest money into my pocket.

Well, a week or so after that, there was still no money in my pockets LOL, but
I got more then 2K eur from two people that were owing me money.
In fact, I got 50% more money then I requested of him.
So, the money did end up in my jacket pocket. :)

Elantiel, thank you!

Today, I performed a thank-you-ritual, I used the black mirror this time; I summoned him and he came, the mirror was bursting with his presence. It was like he is on the other side of "reality", using only the mirror for his manifestation into my "reality".
I offered him fire, water, perfume, incense and a quartz crystal.

It was a lovely ceremony, he was most pleased. He actually requested to pour perfume and water over the crystal, and to put out the candle.
I obliged him and he was very pleased. I actually saw him smiling.

I also gave him new assignment, he took it without questions.
After that, I gave him a customized license to depart and that was it.

All in all, a successful Elantiel operations from the day one.

Elantiel sigil

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