March 7, 2015

Goetia evocation: Dantalion (II.)

An update:

in the days that followed the evocation of the spirit Dantalion, there was a quite notable change of my overall psychological climate. I was full of energy, elated even, had a great time with my kid, enjoyed myself immensely. Power, joy and again the power of Light.
I know this was "his" work (I can sense his energy apart from other spirits).

Also, an old friend invited herself over to my place and we had a great time (in bed and all). I also see this as an influence from him (his office being to cause love etc...).

We (the spirit and me) had a longer chat yesterday about what the he wants from me in return. He kept on pushing blood, my energy etc... I then ended the discussion with suggesting that he could meet my HGA (Kali Ma) and ask Her for the energy and he backed down. I actually saw him being afraid.
I settled then on propagating his sigil a bit (after the tasks are completely fulfilled).

Anyhow, I consider this evocation a complete success and Dantalion my new "servant" spirit, thanks to my Mother Kali.

Dantalion is a powerful spirit and books speak about only his main abilities. He has shown me what else he can do (which is far beyond what the Goetia texts share) and taught me certain things that are of great use in daily life (he gave me certain words of power). There is no need to share these things here, suffice it to say that this particular spirit can do a lot.


  1. I have been in communication with Dantalion and he has also helped me in mmany ways.Some ways are subtle,but yet so useful,applicable,and impactual.Dantalion has been wonderful to me and I am making sure to honor him,thank him,and hold up to my end of our relationship.I know nothing is free,and I don't expect anything for free. My name is Rich.

  2. Can you please share more about what special things he taught you? Did he teach you hypnotism (sammohan)?


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