June 1, 2015

Goetia evocation: Paimon (II.)

Working with Paimon the king (see first post >>) has been fruitful, so an update is due:

In the first three days after the evocation, I felt his presence almost physically. I did not attack him or do anything rash as I knew I actually requested of him to give me a sign that the task I gave him was being delivered.
Well, he made sure that I knew that he is delivering as promised.

His presence was very, very strong, non-intrusive but borderline obsessive nevertheless. I have dealt with powerful spirits and Deities before so I handled it pretty well, I think. Paimon certainly is a spirit not to play around with.

It has been almost one month since the evocation (see what transpired back then >>) and I can share that the king Paimon is indeed a powerful spirit and that he can indeed help a great deal.

I kept bumping into various texts on the mystical kabalah both online and in real life, knowing that there are no coincidences: I required of Paimon to teach me innermost secrets of this ancient system. I was able to understand the texts I read in more depth than ever before, experiencing insights along the way.

Authentic Kabbalah, on the other hand, is more close to my heart and Paimon with his 200 legions of servant spirits had less work to do. I experienced deeper and deeper insights into the teachings of this authentic and ancient system of reality interpretation and I knew that my request to help me master the Authentic Kabbalah was being delivered big time.

One of Paimon's offices is to confer secrets of others. Well, my previously well developed ESP (extra sensory perception) has skyrocketed with his help. I seemed to simply know the innermost secrets of those around me that I focused my attention on. And it was not pretty, I must say. Oh well...

There are other requests that are being delivered, but they are more along the personal lines so I will refrain from sharing the progress. Suffice it to say that Paimon can teach anything and everything, even the most recent scientific or psychological developments and facts. He is a King, after all, serving Kalika very very well.

What is most important, as far as I can see, is that relationship with Paimon has developed beyond anything I would want to imagine one month ago. I see now that Paimon is no demon, but very very powerful spirit, willing to help and assist those that see beyond the apparent fog around Goetia spirits and have deeper insights into nature of these spirits in relation to the one Godhead.

I also understand now, on a deeper level, the warning in the illustrious Book of Abramelin which states (I am paraphrasing here) that it is an insult to HGA and God to use these spirits for bad and negative things.

With intention one binds such a spirit to do many things and with purity of heart and blessings from above, one "confers redemption" even to spirit as powerful as Paimon.

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