Morning Star

"...this is a gateway or key to the mind expanding and developing. No  longer shall the horrid sickness of  Christianity be brought down in the Goetic Work – No longer shall the weak of mind approach this tome without duress. 

The Walls are torn down yet they are at the same time built higher than they ever have been before.  Goetic Sorcery should in itself be the grammar and foundation for the Arte of Magick, which is to ascend in the light and warmth of the Sun. To fully understand and perceive the Self and the Light within one must explore the  Demonic or Infernal realms. 

They often bring swift success, and a meteoritic  fall into flame – instead of  the self  within igniting the exterior brings fire  unto the self, destroying it."
- Goetia of Shadows - The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Luciferian edition, amazon.com >> (new page openes up)

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Goetia (The Lesser Key of Solomon) is a powerful and effective system of magick and, unfortunately, quite misunderstood. I have observed that many practitioners see Goetia as something exclusively dark, and dangerous and Goetia spirits as horrific demons.

Well, my empirical knowledge points in the opposite direction. There is so much I was graced with through these powerful spirits! Goetia spirits I worked with are loyal, effective, and supportive, as far as I am concerned.

Although I have way more experiences along the mystical side of things, magickal operations described to an extent below, were an integral part of my practice. And no, I did not worship Goetia spirits, I just employed them and their abilities in harmony with my Will.

Anyway, I was inspired to perform a series of evocations of Goetia spirits, and here are some of the experiences:

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