July 18, 2018

Introducing Oyez! app

There is a project mastered by friends from O.T.O. FNIX Camp which merits special attention:

OYEZ! app

Oyez! is an Android tool which:
- allows all certified Local Bodies in the World to publish their events on the same platform and
- allows anyone to browse through the published events, filter them by countries, sign up for events they are interested in, communicate with organizers of these events and more.

Every Local Body which posts events in the app is guaranteed to be an actual O.T.O. body.

The main idea of OYEZ is to offer OTO members regular information about happenings within and without their own countries, thus encouraging people to travel around Local Bodies more and learn from each other.

Since anyone, not just OTO members, can use the app, it can also be a promulgation tool.

If your local body is not yet present in the App, please get your local Master/Secretary to contact us through email: app [AT] oto.si.

Every Master of Local Body is eligible to receive a draft (and later updates) of the document for event Organizers where we also explain the procedure for you Local Body's inclusion into OYEZ!

The project is regularly improved and will in the future be expanded to Web platform as well so people who don't have an Android device can enjoy it as well.

We have also created a new page for OYEZ! related announcements, like version upgrades, tips & tricks for events Organizers and Users and OYEZ! screenshots.
If you have any questions you can contact us through the menu in the OYEZ app, through Messenger at OyezApp page or by email.

If you are interested come visit us at:


You can download OYEZ! here >>

July 1, 2018

Living in 'sin'

"If you are 'walking in darkness',
do not try to make the sun rise
by self- secrifice,
but wait in confidence for the dawn,
and enjoy the pleasures of the night meanwhile."
- Aleister C.

And do not denigrate women in the process, I might add.