December 28, 2018

From beyond the Abyss VI.: O.T.O meditations: Born Anew

May all adepts attain the City of Pyramids

4th O.T.O. meditation (includes sub meditations)

I create protective sphere around the room I am in, deep purple energy sphere. I know it will be good enough to protect my body from any intrusive spirit.

With intention I leave with BoL (body of light) and find myself at the OTO gate, I enter with ease and fly straight towards the camp and before my tent.

There is a guard there, transparent; we both know he is not needed anymore. In a flash I realize that at the lower level, this guard is ego that is protecting material existence, at intermediate level he is HGA (way beyond ego) and at the deepest level (after abyss) he does not exist on his own.

I enter the tent and everything is the same as before. The feeling or atmosphere in this tent is very familiar, it is my tent.

I go to the couple of Keepers and we exchange the Words and they direct me to the OTO Lamen. There is a well and Lamen on the wall above it.

The Lamen is just a manifestation of the source, a presentation of the whole existence of the initiated OTO aspirant and the well represents consciousness in which the essence of the Lamen can be reflected. The surface of the water is in my heart, symbolically speaking.

So I relax and focus on the reflection of the water and I see there the whole OTO Lamen.
There is Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Remembering, Strength, Beauty… and Foundation, and I understand that lower symbols on the Lamen represent the transformation in the aspirant and I hear “There is no law beyond do what thou wilt”.

There is no difference; I am That, meaning that there is no difference between me standing there, and the Lamen. I am the Lamen, I am the Light, Wisdom, Understanding. There is no difference, each number is infinite, the khabs is in the khu not the khu in the khabs and there is no law beyond do what thou wilt.

(At this point meta-cognition kicks in and I see that unification with the 93 spiritual current, symbolically represented by Lamen, is happening.)

Everything else is fading away, meaning that everything else is equally important, the Spirit is not any better than the matter, everything is manifested without existing. There is the insubstantiality, anatta, everything is empty, no one exists and nothing exists.
This is above the law: nothing.  There is NO LAW beyond do what thou wilt. No law is beyond, nothing is beyond or above the Law.

Chalice, heart, cross, flames. Interesting thing happens now as I focus on the lower part of the Lamen: the middle and top symbols stop shining, they just subside in the background and only lower part shines. I understand that there is no difference; it is just the present moment that counts. The Truth is manifested, currently, as the lower symbols. And I am united with these. Complete satori, samadhi, sambhodi even.

<longer pause>

I focus now on the dove. And the dove starts to shine brightly and the other two are not shining. It is a process, it is the inflow of the wisdom, love, power etc. The process itself and the dove are empty. Meaning, immaculately pure from the beginning. primordial purity, beauty and light. I unite with this easily. I am that.
And again, there is no law beyond…. Nothing is beyond. Nothing is beyond, beyond is emptiness, Nuit, Hadit, united in Rahookhuit above Kether.

I focus now on the Eye of Ra and it starts to shine brightly. It is soooooooo bright. I don’t even perceive reflection anymore, it is like being inside of the OTO Lamen shining through the Eye of Ra. Shining 12 links of depending origination, 12 zodiac signs, basically everything in manifestation is just the Light from the Eye of Ra.

There is no difference between the Eye of Ra, Ra and I and 12 emanations, everything is completely pure, primordially, empty, there is nothing beyond these three forms. And there is no law beyond Do what thou wilt, it is a negation of the Law, there is NO LAW.

The law is Do what thou wilt and beyond that, there is no law. And the No law is RHK and he is empty, for he has crushed the Universe with his omnipresent empty awareness. And we are nondual, everyone is nondual with him, whether we want it or not. If one is aware of this, s/he is free.

<looooooong pause>

The tent is empty, there are no keepers here now, for they have been integrated into this awareness of RHK, into perfect balance.

I am life and the giver of life, therefore the knowledge of me is the knowledge of death. There is no death, just Light. Wisdom and Understanding are perfectly integrated into None.

Well, I don’t feel like it but since this is a birth, I manifest again, I born myself, I reappear as an aspirant that is meditating on Me and as soon as that thought arises, I see "myself" standing in front of the OTO Lamen in the BoL.

The Keepers have manifested as well, I turn to them, they stand up and their eyes are shining. We all know very well that this is just a game, a lila, a drama, a play. We are playing roles.
So, keeping up with the appearances, I say the words: Every man and every… They smile.
I take my leave, guard is outside and we both know it is just a game.

It becomes clear to me now that after the 1st degree and these meditations it will be easier for me to live in the world, knowing that all 3 bodies and everything else in the world is just a game, a play, a drama, full of insubstantiality, of anatta.

I exit the OTO sphere and I notice no difference between the inner energy and energy outside of the OTO sphere.
I return to the body, there are no spirits there now. Protective energy is large enough so no spirits came to listen this time.
I enter the body and open my eyes. I will balance now with Star Ruby.

5th meditation
I do all the same as in previous meditations and……. find myself in front of the tent in the OTO sphere.
There is a guard there and I enter the tent. As I enter the Keepers stand up greeting me, and curiously enough, now I hear them say, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law…” and I reply, “Love is the law, love under will…”

They invite me to sit down and I sit on the floor.

The woman starts speaking:

"In this visit you ought to be asking us about the meaning of both of us, the tent and the guard outside and the ** but since in previous meditations everything meaningful has already been said, if it is ok with you, we will now integrate into you and disappear from this tent."

I stand up, willing, look deep into their eyes and I say to the woman, Babalon and to the man, Chaos, knowing that this is just a pretense, an appearance – that is just as important as everything else:

"There is no difference between the Source of the river and the river itself."

So I recognize that Keepers really are there in front of me, and I perfectly know that from a deeper perspective they are Nuit and Hadit.
I invoke them to integrate into me, their child, RHK

Everything is disappearing, the tent, guard, camp, the OTO sphere, universe, everything is gone, de-manifesting.

<long long long pause>

I  stop recording here and just open my eyes and that is it. No drama needed.
I am born anew.

Fr. 418

October 22, 2018

From beyond the Abyss (V.)

May all adepts attain the City of Pyramids

No amount of effort will do. It is like hitting hard the surface of a placid lake and dealing with the water that is splashing around, hoping to calm the lake.

In the words of Master Therion:

"...The Masters of Truth are the only happy men, though they constantly observe what men stupidly call Sorrow.". (Liber 73).

Permanent transformation of perception can only happen from within.

As Krishnamurti said:

September 30, 2018

The Book of Babalon

Liber 49

Received by John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons (Belarion 8○ = 3□)

February 29, 1946 EV

1. Yea, it is I, BABALON.

2. And this is my book, that is the fourth chapter of the Book of the Law, He completing the Name, for I am out of NUIT by HORUS, the incestuous sister of RA-HOOR-KHUIT.

3. It is BABALON. TIME IS. Ye fools.

4. Thou hast called me, oh accursed and beloved fool.

[5-8 missing and presumed lost. Ed.]

9. Now know that I, BABALON, would take flesh and come among men.

10. I will come as a penelous [sic] flame, as a devious song, a trumpet in judgement halls, a banner before armies.

11. And gather my children unto me, for THE TIME is at hand.

12. And this is the way of my incarnation. Heed!

13. Thou shalt offer all thou art and all thou hast at my altar, withholding nothing. And thou shalt be smitten full sore and thereafter thou shalt be outcast and accursed, a lonely wanderer in abominable places.

14. Ye Dare. I have asked of none other, nor have they asked. Else is vain. But thou hast willed it.

15. Know then that thus I came to thee before, thou a great Lord, and I a maid enrapt. Ah blind folly.

16. And thereafter madness, all in vain. Thus it has been, multiform. How thou hast burned beyond.

17. I shall come again, in the form thou knowest. Now it shall be thy blood.

18. The altar is aright, and the robe.

19. The perfume is sandal, and the cloth green and gold. There is my cup, our book, and thy dagger.

20. There is a flame.

21. The sigil of devotion. Be it consecrated, be it true, be it daily affirmed. I am not scorned. Thy love is to me. Procure a disk of copper, in diameter three inches paint thereon the field blue the star gold of me, BABALON.

22. It shall be my talisman. Consecrate with the supreme rituals of the word and the cup.

23, My calls as thou knowest. All love songs are of me. Also seek me in the Seventh Aire.

24. This for a time appointed. Seek not the end, I shall instruct thee in my way. But be true. Would it be hard if I were thy lover, and before thee? But I am thy lover and I am with thee.

25. I shall provide a vessel, when or whence I say not. Seek her not, call her not. Let her declare. Ask nothing. Keep silence. There shall be ordeals.

26. My vessel must be perfect. This is the way of her perfection.

27. The working is of nine moons.

28. The Astarte working, with music and feasting, with wine and all arts of love.

29. Let her be dedicated, consecrated, blood to blood, heart to heart, mind to mind, single in will, none without the circle, all to me.

30. And she shall wander in the witchwood under the Night of Pan, and know the mysteries of the Goat and the Serpent, and of the children that are hidden away.

31. I will provide the place and the material basis, thou the tears and blood.

32. Is it difficult, between matter and spirit? For me it is ecstasy and agony untellable. But I am with thee. I have large strength, have thou likewise.

33. Thou shalt prepare my book for her instruction, also thou shalt teach that she may have captains and adepts in her service. Yea, thou shalt take the black pilgrimage, but it will not be thou that returnest.

34. Let her prepare her work according to my voice in her heart, with thy book as guide, and none other instructing.

35. And let her be in all things wise, and sure, and excellent.

36. But let her think on this: my way is not in the solemn ways, or in the reasoned ways, but in the wild free way of the eagle, and the devious way of the serpent, and the oblique way of the factor unknown and unnumbered.

37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.

38. In My Name shall she have all power, and all men and excellent things, and kings and captains and the secret ones at her command.

39. The first servants are chosen in secret, by my force in her—a captain, a lawyer, an agitator, a rebel—I shall provide.

40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.

41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.

42. But my children will know thee and love thee, and this will make them free.

43. All is in thy hands, all power, all hope, all future.

44. One came as a man, and was weak and failed.

45. One came as a woman, and was foolish, and failed.

46. But thou art beyond man and woman, my star is in thee, and thou shalt avail.

47. Even now thy hour strikes upon the clock of my FATHER. For He prepared a banquet and a Bridal Bed. I was that Bride, appointed from the beginning, as it was written T.O.P.A.N.

48. Now is the hour of birth at hand. Now shall my adept be crucified in the Basilisk abode.

49. Thy tears, thy sweat, thy blood, thy semen, thy love, thy faith shall provide. Ah, I shall drain thee like the cup that is of me, BABALON.

50. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the first veil to speak with thee, through the stars shake.

51. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the second veil, while God and Jesus be smitten with the sword of HORUS.

52. Stand thou fast, and I shall pass the third veil, and the shapes of hell shall be turned again to loveliness.

53. For thy sake shall I stride through the flames of Hell, though my tongue be bitten through.

54. Let me behold thee naked and lusting after me, calling upon my name.

55. Let me receive all thy manhood within my Cup, climax upon climax, joy upon joy.

56. Yea, we shall conquer death and Hell together.

57. And the earth is mine.

58. Thou shalt (make the?) Black Pilgrimage.

59. Yea it is even I BABALON and I SHALL BE FREE. Thou fool, be thou also free of sentimentality. Am I thy village queen and thou a sophomore, that thou shouldst have thy nose in my buttocks?

60. It is I, BABALON, ye fools, MY TIME is come, and this my book that my adept prepares is the book of BABALON.

61. Yea, my adept, the Black Pilgrimage. Thou shalt be accursed, and this is the nature of the curse. Thou shalt publish the secret matter of the adepts thou knowest, withholding no word of it, in an appendix to this my Book. So they shall cry fool, liar, sot, traducer, betrayer. Thou art not glad thou meddled with magick?

62. There is no other way, dear fool, it is the eleventh hour.

63. The seal of my Brother is upon the earth, and His Avatar is before you. There is threshing of wheat and a trampling of grapes that shall not cease until the truth be known unto the least of men.

64. But you who do not accept, you who see beyond, reach out your hands my children and reap the world in the hour of your harvest.

65. Gather together in the covens as of old, whose number is eleven, that is also my number. Gather together in public, in song and dance and festival. Gather together in secret, be naked and shameless and rejoice in my name.

66. Work your spells by the mode of my book, practicing secretly, inducing the supreme spell.

67. The work of the image, and the potion and the charm, the work of the spider and the snake, and the little ones that go in the dark, this is your work.

68. Who loves not hates, who hates fears, let him taste fear.

69. This is the way of it, star, star. Burning bright, moon, witch moon.

70. You the secret, the outcast, the accursed and despised, even you that gathered privily of old in my rites under the moon.

71. You the free, the wild, the untamed, that walk now alone and forlorn.

72. Behold, my Brother cracks the world like a nut for your eating.

73. Yea, my Father has made a house for you, and my Mother has prepared a Bridal Bed. My Brother has confounded your enemies.

74. I am the Bride appointed. Come ye to the nuptials—come ye now!

75. My joy is the joy of eternity, and my laughter is the drunken laughter of a harlot in the house of ecstasy.

76. All you loves are sacred, pledge them all to me.

77. Set my star upon your banners and go forward in joy and victory. None shall deny you, and none shall stand before you, because of the Sword of my Brother. Invoke me, call upon me, call me in your convocations and rituals, call upon me in your loves and battles in my name BABALON, wherein is all power given!

September 27, 2018

And in the middle the six-rayed star


The universe is multidimensional; each thing, action or event is infinite in its depth. How can the mortal and finite adept estimate his or her attainment in these abyssal depths? How can one measure the level of personal attainment when the depths of each sephira or chakra may unfold eternally? The man is a mortal and restricted being, so how can one define what exactly and to what extent should be worked through on the path of initiation?

»Each thing, action, or event is infinite in its depth...«

Well, that statement is as good as any, shallow, and without any real meaning...if we take it without any examination and if we question not its validity.

And here I'd like to start: ignorance, immaturity, and a priori acceptance of »spiritual« truths.
One cannot progress along the »path of initiation« based solely on mental capacities. Mental capacities in this context refer to intellect, speculation, reason, and other thought processes.

And herein lays the dilemma: whom to trust, what to read, what to do, and what not to do?
We are told that there are higher levels of awareness to be attained deeper, and more fulfilling truths to be realized. And what do most of the aspirants do? Well, they join some “spiritual” or religious corporation or some other organization that offers meetings, training, masses, teachings, supervision, texts, etc.

And in 5, 10, or 20 years of effort along the lines of such organizations, progress is realized, and degrees are attained. Well, isn’t that lovely?

But what is truly happening?
What if the existing organizations offer nothing but smoke and mirrors?
What if no one can give us anything from the outside?
What if all structures we are so used to are false, a lie?
What if what we already are is enough?

And what if we need no one to progress in life?

Well, I have met only one human being (so far) who made all the progress along the empirical lines of human conscious psycho-transpersonal identity development on his own: no Orders, no masters, no degrees.

Total freedom and total independence.

That being said, and speaking for the rest of us (I am generalizing, of course), such freedom and responsibility demand way too much, and most of us do not want to bear the pressure of freedom and possess that kind of strain of knowing…

…it is simply too much to an unenlightened heart… and so we invent (yes, we make these things up) various structures (Orders, degrees, various trees, etc) to feel safer, more in control. Mind and immature heart need something to cling to, and if that does not exist yet, it makes it up.

OK, so now that I have denigrated all that I have been doing for the last 25-odd years, now we can go on, for:

“In the beginning doth the Magus speak Truth and send forth Illusion and Falsehood to enslave the soul. Yet therein is the Mystery of Redemption.”
-Liber B, 1.

Everything that one does on the path of liberation is, in reality, not helpful; it is just as effective as visiting a fitness gym in dreaming. Upon waking up, dreams vanish.

But the game is still on; sincere aspirants worldwide invest effort, time, and money into spiritual progress.

So, if no truth can ever be conveyed (as Liber B shares and empirical knowledge concurs) here on Earth and all is falsehood, what is the point?

Well, let’s at least try to produce or come in contact with those useless things and illusions that will somehow direct us toward the Real Truth. How does that sound?

Should one, on the path of initiation, strive toward the realization of oneself and the world, and does this realization have limits? If the man REALLY realizes that he or she is the infinitesimal and meaningless speck in the Universe and his or her labors are vain attempts in the web of illusion, then what should he or she do further in such an existential cul-de-sac? What should one do with the realization that is incompatible with the life and capacities of man?

Real, deep, and truly transpersonal states of awareness have nothing whatsoever to do with the life of a man here on Earth. Even slight conscious contact with the HGA tends to disrupt the life of an aspirant, what to speak of crossing the Abyss or maybe even attaining the Magus level.
So what to do?

Four elements are in play upon this world: fire, water, air, and earth. With all the funky transitions between the four and the symbolism involved, well, we are still only speaking and thinking, aren’t we?

And real and deep transpersonal (meaning above reason, above personality, transcendental, spiritual, non-material, eternal, and not impermanent) realizations bring into the existing human system completely new awareness, new depth, and new openness, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above reason.

And that’s the trick, isn’t it: not only to attain a certain state of awareness but to bring it down into life, so to speak, to integrate.

And, speaking for my level of understanding, this is quite a challenge, for the four elements mentioned above are in no way spiritual in and by themselves. Integration needs to take place.

Liber B again contributes here:

“Let Him beware of abstinence from action. For the curse of His grade is that He must speak Truth, that the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Let him then utter that without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled…”
Liber B, 14

“… aspirant’s labors are vain attempts in the web of illusion…”; although I agree with these thoughts, I maintain that the actual labor starts when the true Truth is attained (above various structures and way above reason) and when all the illusions are seen as they are: a magickal display on the (empty) screen of consciousness.

And the only thing that is left to do is to start to integrate the realizations into the illusions; the six-rayed star in the middle has to recognize herself in the four elemental pentagrams around her.

In other words, as Truth is ineffable, it is of no use to try to convey it, so the next best thing is to use the illusions with clear Understanding and Wisdom that everyone needs to find the Truth on their own from within and no amount of illusions from without will produce results, for:

»It is the truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.«
- J. Krishnamurti

Who had fulfilled him- or herself as a human to a greater extent – a milkmaid who goes about her business in a state of full comfort and satisfaction with life, or an adept who has debunked the myths and discovered within him- or herself too many things to enjoy being-in-the-world?

It is just a process, a tough one for sure, to try to live in a world where people downright deny their spiritual inheritance and superficial pleasures are a measure of happiness.

And that’s the whole point, in my opinion:

If a milkmaid is happy with her life, let her be satisfied.

And if an aspirant has attained realizations that put her outside this superficial world, well, maybe it is time to go even deeper, and deeper, and deeper still.....until it is not possible to go any deeper.

At that stage, the only way is back again, back up again, into the same superficial world she has been trying to escape for who knows how many incarnations.

In both cases, the same applies: »There is no law beyond do what thou wilt«.

Fr. 418 .'.

July 1, 2018

Living in 'sin'

"If you are 'walking in darkness',
do not try to make the sun rise
by self- secrifice,
but wait in confidence for the dawn,
and enjoy the pleasures of the night meanwhile."
- Aleister C.

And do not denigrate women in the process, I might add.

April 19, 2018

From beyond the Abyss (V.)

May ALL adepts attain the City of Pyramids

"..What's been felt
What's been known
Never shined through in what's been shown
Never be
Never see
Won't see what might have been
What's been felt
What's been known
Never shined through in what's shown
Always free
Never me
So "I" dub thee all-forgiving..."

April 16, 2018

Thelemic Fundamentalism?

This article caught my attention on the Thelema FB group.

There will always be sheep that need a Shepherd, be that Jesus, Osho, Sai Baba, Buddha, Holy Bible, Liber AL, or Crowley. It is just a phase in growing up, in my opinion.

It is interesting, though, how long this phase seems to last. Decades can go by without any real, deep, and thorough progress simply because a "fateful true believer" donates his life energy to the Shepherd (head of the Order, Sacred Books, Prophets, etc.) instead of, well, doing his darn Will.


Thelemic Fundamentalism?

There are many Thelemites who try to achieve the same results as Crowley, which is what we should all be doing. Not, however, at the expense of accepting the results of our own work. Scientific bias comes to mind. Some Thelemites attempt to validate their own work only by accepting the results Crowley experienced doing the same work.

For Thelemic fundamentalists (I can’t believe I just wrote that), arguments are always self-referential: No results of the work that contradicts Crowley is even considered. Note how quick Thelemites are to cast stones at Christians while doing the same exact thing when there is nothing to support their arguments but the Bible. People have adopted, and proudly proclaimed the following mantra: “Crowley said it, I believe it, that settles it.” They act that way even when you quote Crowley to contradict them. Only their opinions count. Everyone else is wrong, stupid, doesn’t get it, or isn’t committed enough.

Any source material opposing Crowley’s position is disdained, and writers contradicting Crowley (or the huge list of writers and saints Crowley used to justify his position) are considered morons.

Attempts to challenge Crowley’s ideas are treated as antagonistic and followed by ad hominem attacks and huge assumptions to make you look bad in the face of their peers: “you think you know more than Crowley,” “you can’t accept his position due to your Christian values,” etc… even when those ideas are outdated and no longer applicable to our Work.

This is a great disservice to Thelema, since ignoring facts, whether natural, scientific, or psychological, can only serve to turn Thelema into a personality cult or superstitious mumbo-jumbo.

There is a lot of talk about free will and True Will, but apparently man is doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and this is nonnegotiable because, well, Crowley said so. This is disappointing for people who are more interested in using Thelema, its Magick, and the Holy Books of Thelema as a tool of discovery, rather than a history lesson on Crowley’s life.

To quote David Hume: “If we take in our hand any volume; of divinity or school metaphysics, for instance; let us ask, Does it contain any abstract reasoning concerning quantity or number? No. Does it contain any experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence? No. Commit it then to the flames: for it can contain nothing but sophistry and illusion.”

Perhaps those people should have destroyed The Book of the Law after reading, for we are told by the Master himself:

“The study of this Book is forbidden. It is wise to destroy this copy after the first reading. Whosoever disregards this does so at his own risk and peril. These are most dire. Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence. All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself.”

Pax Profunda"

Full article >>

April 12, 2018

It is just a process, all of it!

Dr. Shoemaker discusses the 
processes we all go through in our Work and in life as well.

It seems important to remember that everything is a part of a process: 
something (experience, relationship etc) is born, stays for some time and fades away.

Its just the way it is.


March 22, 2018

From beyond the Abyss (lV.)

May ALL adepts attain the City of Pyramids

How to get there, one might wonder.

One way:

"The only correct and adequate mode of the Attainment of Understanding is to shut off and to inhibit the rational mind altogether, thus leaving a Tabula rasa upon which the entirely alien faculty -- de novo and sui generis -- can write its first word.

But then (it will surely be said) what is more unintelligent than this supposed Intelligence? than this formless, even delirious Ecstasy which sweeps away all shapes of thought? No sane man would deny this premiss: but the explanation is that this Ecstasy is (so to say) the throe of Birth of the new faculty. It is surely natural for an observer to be startled, for the moment, by the discovery of a new Universe. Ananda must be mastered manfully, not indulged as a vice in the manner of the Mystic! Samadhi must be clarified by Sila, by the stern virtue of constraint: and then appears the paradox that the new Law of the Mind has "come not to destroy but to fulfil" the old. 
The Understanding takes full cognizance of all that vast material which the Reason was unable to build into any coherent structure. The contradictions have disappeared by absorption; they have been accepted as essential factors in the nature of Truth, which without them were a mere congeries of Facts.

It will be clear from all these considerations that there need be no surprise at this primordial paradox: that Scepticism, absolute in every dimension, is the sole possible basis of true Attainment. All attempts to shirk the issue by appeals to "faith," by mystic transcendental sophistries, or any other spiritual varieties of the Three-Card-Trick, are devoted to the most abject destruction.

One cannot "find the Lady" by any other way than that of the Knight-Errant, of the Great Fool -- the Way of the Eagle in the Air -- whose Sacred Number is the Sacred Zero. Yea also, Naught being All, and All being Pan, the only due address to Godhead is in the dual form

[GRK WRDS (all-devourer, all-begetter)] PAMPHAGE PAGGENETOR.

For all must be destroyed that All may be begotten."

- The Little Essays, Understanding by A. Crowley

March 21, 2018

Just adesh - the Will

Sadashiva avatar

"I am against non-violence that makes a human being a coward. Fight for Truth!
To face life, you must have great courage every day!

Everyone must be courageous, facing the difficulties of life with bravery!
Cowardly people are like dead people!

I want a world of brave and courageous people.

Indeed, those who work hard and are agnostics are more acceptable, 
for a time, then lazy spiritual hypocrites."

"No baba, no baba, just adesh (true Will)"

-- Mahavatar Babaji

March 20, 2018

The Holiest of All Mantras

a ka dua
tuf ur biu
bi a’a chefu
dudu nur af an nuteru

“O High One!
May he be praised!
The one great of Power!
The Spirit great of Dignity, who places fear of himself among the gods!”

Crowley’s paraphrase of the Stele in translation is included in Liber AL vel Legis:

"Unity uttermost showed!
I adore the might of Thy breath,
Supreme and terrible God,
Who makest the gods and death
To tremble before Thee -
I, I adore thee!"
Liber AL III-37

The third glyph on the second line of the front of the Stele of Revealing shows a standing human figure with arm(s) outstretched towards a feather.

Reading from right to left, this glyph is the first of the series that continues through the first glyph of the third line (a horizontal, squibbly line over three flags) and gives us in transliteration, the mantra found in the Gnostic Mass (see text above).

The melody for the chanting of this is proscribed by Crowley in Magick in Theory & Practice.

March 19, 2018

No restriction

"The word of Sin is Restriction. O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will! O lover, if thou wilt, depart! 
There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse. Accursed! Accursed be it to the aeons! Hell." 
- Liber AL, l:41

"Fear not at all; fear neither men nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything. 
Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly, nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth. 
Nu is your refuge as Hadit your light; 
and I am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms."
- Liber AL, lll:17

"Lift yourselves up, my brothers and sisters of the earth! Put beneath your feet all fears, all qualms, all hesitancies! 
Lift yourselves up! Come forth, free and joyous, by night and day, to do your will; 
for “There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.” 
Lift yourselves up! Walk forth with us in Light and Life and Love and Liberty,
taking our pleasure as Kings and Queens in Heaven and on Earth.

The sun is arisen; the spectre of the ages has been put to flight. 
“The word of Sin is Restriction,” or as it has been otherwise said on this text: 
That is Sin, to hold thine holy spirit in!

Go on, go on in thy might; and let no man make thee afraid."

- The Law of Liberty

March 18, 2018

The way out

"The word Trance implies a passing beyond: scil., the conditions which oppress. The whole and sole object of all true Magical and Mystical training is to become free from every kind of limitation. Thus, body and mind, in the widest sense, are the obstacles in the Path of the Wise: the paradox, tragic enough as it seems, is that they are also the means of progress. 
How to get rid of them, to pass beyond or to transcend them, is the problem, and this is as strictly practical and scientific as that of eliminating impurities from a gas, or of adroitly using mechanical laws. Here is the inevitable logical flaw in the sorites of the Adept, that he is bound by the very principles which it is his object to overcome: and on him who seeks to discard them arbitrarily they haste to take a terrible revenge!

It is in practice, not in theory, that this difficulty suddenly
disappears. For when we take rational steps to suspend the operation of the rational mind, the inhibition does not result in chaos, but in the apprehension of the Universe by means of a faculty to which the laws of the Reason do not apply; and when, returning to the normal state, we seek to analyse our experience, we find that the description abounds in rational absurdities."
- Little Essays, Trance by A. Crowley

This is very well put indeed, and what is currently alive here is that the most common pitfall on the path to Freedom, denial, and aversion to personal and impermanent emotional/physical parts of human existence, has been, in my case (for the most part) averted by following the Tantric wisdom.

The king of Tantras

The Hevajra Tantra teaches the Union of Skillful Means and Profound Cognition (Wisdom or Emptiness); and states that such union helps achieve the powers known as siddhis.

The text belongs to the higher or Inner Tantras and includes the truly famous quote (the one below) that explains a basic tenet of Tantra in only a few words:

"One must rise by that by which one falls.

By whatever thing the world is bound, by that, the bond is unfastened.

Beings are bound by passion and are released by utilizing passion."

The Tantric reverence towards, and dependence on, women in general (and the yoni in particular), is born out in the following three quotes from the text, as is the intimate nature of most higher and secret rituals:

- At all times, whether washing one’s feet or eating, rinsing the mouth, rubbing the hands, girding the hips with a loincloth, going out, making conversation, walking, standing, in wrath, in laughter; the wise man should always worship and honor the lady.

- Concentrate on the triangle of origination in the midst of space.

- I dwell in the yoni of the female in the form of semen.

There are many paths... and in general, we can say there are:
- a path of renunciation (denial of everything that is not "pure light") - an old and boring path in my view,
- a path of transformation (embracing everything and not denying anything, not even sensual pleasures) - the path of ancient Tantra and the path of the new Aeon: Thelema,
- a path of (instant) liberation (focusing on natural Reality without any drama) - Mahamudra and/or Dzogchen.

So, there are a great many ways out, and the experiences we have are in line with previous aspirations and dispositions...
... and conditioned by current intentions. And when intention is to deny, to push away or 'renounce' (to use a fancy spiritual term), "thereby there cometh hurt." (Liber AL I-22)

"The word of sin is Restriction." (Liber AL I-41)

From beyond the Abyss (lll.)

May ALL adepts attain the City of Pyramids

Thus I have heard:

There is no me; there is no you; there are no forms, skandhas(1) are empty. And yet, nothing else exists apart from me and you; skandhas are imputed upon the ever-(non)-existing Thusness(2), and they appear (not) like clouds from the empty sky.

Trillions of forms are imputed from within upon the Thusness and are non-dual with It. (3)

And one who has attained the Mind-of-no-effort(4), has completed the non-journey, and is joyfully abiding in the Union of No-more-learning(4).

He is utterly indifferent(5) to positive, negative, and neutral states within and without, for he has seen the ultimate truth.

The infinite power seemingly drives him on, and on, and yet, he does nothing, for events are non-arising, non-abiding, ever non-existent, and self-liberated.

He is fully aware of the twelve deceptions(6) that bind those without the Right view.

Having seen through the sphere of neither-perception nor-non-perception (7), nothing binds him, for he is not. And since he is not, object and subject are (not), and everything is as it always has been, is, and forever will be (not), he is free.

He doesn't care at all about anything. And yet, the Love and Compassion is the Word at one with the Light.

Just by being, he is constantly creating the manifested Universe. (8)

What is seen is he in myriad forms, and through these forms, he can be known. (8)

When he looks within, the Universe collapses; when he looks without, he is (in) Love.

And through being (in) Love, he is omnipresent, directing herself and her children.

She can be known only through her powerful presence, for she is darkness in its uttermost transparent sense.

In this no man's land, only the seen can be seen, only the heard can be heard, and there is no one there to say, 'We are one, we are none'. (9)

And yet, her nature is all-embracing, receiving and giving.

She has united with innumerable adepts in the most intimate of ways, for she is the Mother of all the wise ones, the Sacred whore, the Everlasting yoni, the Queen of demons and men and women alike.

There is none else besides Her.


1. Skandhas: aggregates that generate everything in the field of the mind in the broadest sense.

2. Thusness: words lose their meaning here, but he seems to refer to the so-called dharmadhatu, the primordial nothing that is everything. In Liber B vel magi, this is referred to as "...the grade of Ipsissimus the Mystery of Selflessness, also called the Mystery of Pan." (Liber B, 15.)

3. It Seems he is talking about the Heart sutra (forms are empty, emptiness is form, etc.).

4. These two phrases denote final spiritual attainment, the level of Ipsissimus.

5. Nothing touches the madman.

6. He is sharing the doctrine of "dependent origination", twelve links that "produce" duality and suffering/enjoyment on all levels.

7. He has attained the trance nirodha samapatti.

8. "By His Wisdom made He the Worlds; the Word that is God is none other than He." - Liber B, 2

9. No mental identification of being something or someone remains.


March 16, 2018

From beyond the Abyss (ll.)

May ALL adepts attain the City of pyramids

How shall we live in harmony?

"The Aspirant must well understand that it is no paradox to say that the Annihilation of the Ego in the Abyss is the condition of emancipating the true Self, and exalting it to unimaginable heights. So long as one remains "one's self", one is overwhelmed by the Universe; destroy the sense of self, and every event is equally an expression of one's Will, since it's occurrence is the resultant of the concourse of the forces which one recognizes as one's own."     - The Law is for All

Kali and Babalon

Om Krim Kali

"On Kali and Babalon

Babalon and Kali both represent the Forces of Nature that render the dead, through the principles of dissolution and decay into the fertile material for new life, or new potentiality. They are both Goddesses who manifest within time and space - with the time aspect as Kala being particularly important. In this way they both appear at the End of an Age, for the Reclamation of the degeneracy which has taken hold of people and the world. 

Kali unmakes the world of mankind at the end of Her age in the East, the Kali Yuga, while Babalon provides a similar role for the Aeon of Pisces in the West, as related by Her portrayal in Revelations. And then there is the fact that both goddesses are blue - it is Babalon's Daughters and the Scarlet Women and the Women of Spirit who are red."

Quote from: Who or what is Babalon?


All words in this article © 2001, 2016 Templum Babalonis

March 15, 2018

From beyond the Abyss

May ALL adepts attain the City of pyramids

In this series of blogs we shall delve deep into the Supernals, quoting empirical knowledge of true Masters and, hopefully, sharing insights of this Thelemite.

The reality or to be more precise, the perception of reality below the Abyss is always changing: Aeons come and go, bodies and other identities alter and Gods are perceived as something separate, something out there.

Above the Abyss, however, everything is always the same, no drama, no play of Gods; not even Unity is definable.

Todays quote:

"...all the symbols are interchangeable, for each one containeth in itself its own opposite. And this is the great Mystery of the Supernals that are beyond the Abyss. For below the Abyss, contradiction is division; but above the Abyss, contradiction is Unity. And there could be nothing true except by virtue of the contradiction that is contained in itself."
- from the 5th Aethyr in The Vision and the Voice

March 14, 2018


In the Book of Thoth, Crowley introduces us to Heru-Ra-Ha when he comments on the Aeon Tarot card. He wrote:

"Around the top of the card is the body of Nuit, the star-goddess, who is the category of unlimited possibility; her mate is Hadit, the ubiquitous point-of-view, the only philosophically tenable conception of Reality. He is represented by a globe of fire, representing eternal energy; winged, to show his power of Going.

As a result of the marriage of these two, the child Horus is born. He is, however, known under his special name, Heru-Ra-Ha. A double god; his extraverted form is Ra-hoor-khuit; and his passive or introverted form Hoor-pa-kraat. He is also solar in character, and is therefore shown coming forth in golden light."

** ** ** 

In the new Aeon, the one we are in right now (according to Thelema's vision), individuality is essential, as well as personal freedom, assuming responsibility, not hiding behind gods but acting with understanding, wisdom, and light strength.

These are not some guidelines for new Aeon parenting....although I imagine a truly loving parent would undoubtedly want his child to grow along these lines.

In my view, what follows is a direct, albeit veiled in heavy symbolism, description of the stage of consciousness at the end of the Path.
Comments are not needed, for every one of us is alive enough to attain Heruraha.

In Liber 418, in the first Aeither, LIL, 
we can read about Heru-Ra-Ha:

"It is a little child covered with lilies and roses. He is supported by countless myriads of Archangels. The Archangels are all the same colorless brilliance, and every one of them is blind. Below the Archangels again are many, many other legions, and so on far below, so far that the eye cannot pierce. And on his forehead, and on his heart, and in his hand, is the secret sigil of the Beast.

And of all this, the glory is so great that all the spiritual senses fail, and their reflections in the body fail.


This child danceth not, but it is because he is the soul of the two dances, - the right hand and the left hand, and in him, they are one dance, the dance without motion."


I am light, and I am the night, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am speech, and I am silence, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am life, and I am death, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am war, and I am peace, and I am that which is beyond them.

I am weakness, and I am strength, and I am that which is beyond them.

Yet by none of these can man reach up to me. Yet by each of them must man reach up to me."

Joy of the unknown

Looking back, it was always my attachment to already attained insights
and knowledge that de facto kept me from moving onto deeper Reality.

And so, I second J. Krishnamurti's words:

"One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end."

March 8, 2018

On the Education of Children

Active or top-down perception is how cognitive neuroscience scientifically describes the process 'as above - so below'.

In simple terms (maybe even too simple): human inner depth of insight and mental-emotional orientation conditions how and what is perceived.

So, in a way, how a human being perceives something is always subjective.

And regarding Mr. Crowley, oh boy, things that are usually perceived about him range from purity to downright evil. What that says about the perceiver is an interesting question, isn't it.


...having undergone a lot of formal and also informal education in the areas of human consciousness, being a father, and reading Mr. Crowley's thoughts on the education of children, it is quite impossible for me to view him as someone sinister, dark, or even weird.

Quite the opposite, really. Thoughts below reflect deep insight into child and human nature and are in complete harmony with modern developmental psychology, the latest research by humanistic psychologists, and even systems like NVC or nonviolent communication.

And Crowley wrote this, what, 100 years ago when humanistic descriptive sciences had not even been conceived yet and the best children education was based on (quite ineffective, in my view) punishment - reward approach.

Indeed, Crowley really knew what he was doing.

On a more personal note, as shared above, I have a daughter, she is nine now, my angel. :)
And I have been parenting her according to the thoughts below and/or modern sciences mentioned above.

I am still learning, it surely is a healthy challenge, but all in all, it works :)

Mr. Crowley:

“Each child must develop its own Individuality, and Will, disregarding alien Ideals… Education is assisting a soul to express itself. 

Every child should be presented with all possible problems and allowed to register its own reactions; it should be made to face all contingencies in turn until it overcomes each successfully. Its mind must not be influenced, but only offered all kinds of nourishment. Its innate qualities will enable it to select the food proper to its nature. Respect its individuality! Submit all life for its inspection, without comment…

From infancy children should face facts, unadulterated by explanations. Let them think and act for themselves; let their innate integrity initiate itself! Make them explore all life’s mysteries, overcome all its dangers. Falsity and fear are their only foe-men. 

Let them witness birth, marriage, death; let them hear poetry, philosophy, history; compel apprehension but not its articulate expression. Make them face cliffs, billows, animals, finding their own formula of conquest. Thrust Truth on them tirelessly, careful only to make its range all comprehensive; trust them to use it… 

Let children educate themselves to be themselves. Those who train them to standards cripple and deform them. Alien ideals impose parasitic perversions. Every child is a Sphinx; none knoweth its secret but itself…”

Every child is absolute.
Dare not bias it or bind!
Give the seed fair play to shoot!
At maturity its mind
Shall perfect its proper fruit,
Self-determined, self-designed!”

- abridged 'On the Education of Children' from The Revival of Magick

March 7, 2018

Thelema and reincarnation

In this article, I shall touch upon a rather sensitive topic in Thelema doctrine: reincarnation.

I aim to share certain notions on the subject and to present quite compelling arguments that speak in favor of reincarnation - with one intention in sight: to discover the bottom line truth about reincarnation on our own by direct, intimate insights beyond various scriptural notions.

Who am I

There is an exciting and well-referenced text on a related subject, written by Fr. IAO131 titled 'Death in Thelema'.

Before we move on, let us see some introductory remarks in the said text:

"Thelema does not have a conception of death like that of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). There is no notion of a heaven or hell that is beyond this world. There is no notion of Judgment for our moral actions or beliefs. This much is clear to anyone who has performed even a cursory review of the Thelemic literary corpus.

Thelema also does not have a conception of death like that of the Dharmic religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism). There is no notion of a desire to escape Samsara, the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth. There is also no notion of reincarnating in order to perfect the soul or achieve enlightenment throughout several lifetimes. This topic has been treated in a previous essay entitled “New Aeon Initiation” and Crowley has written, “The idea of incarnations ‘perfecting’ a thing originally perfect by definition is imbecile.” Thelemites see life and the world of duality as providing the opportunity for the “chance of union” (Liber AL I:29), to experience the joy of “love under will.”
- you can read the whole article here >> (a new page opens up)

Well, in the above text, we can read interesting words by A. Crowley:  “The idea of incarnations ‘perfecting’ a thing originally perfect by definition is imbecile."

This is an interesting assertion for a man who has revealed his past life experiences. We can see that there indeed was a process of perfecting going on:

"We do, however, have information from Crowley’s diaries about his recollections of the half dozen or so prior incarnations during which he struggled with the Adeptus Major Grade. The record develops some interesting points. These can be summarized here only in the briefest way...

By the early 16th century, the being who later would incarnate as Aleister Crowley had attained to the 5=6 Grade of Adeptus Minor. The record then documents an incarnation as Edward Kelley (1555-1595), John Dee’s psychic assistant in bringing forth the Enochian system of magick. Kelley was strongly drawn to magick powers, and so sought to push ahead (prematurely) to 6=5. Furthermore, Kelley apparently did not embrace the new teachings the Enochian angels had conveyed to him, which were, in part, an early disclosure of the Law of Thelema.
As a result of this, he stepped back a grade in his next incarnation where, as a frail and malformed young man (subjected to ill health and abuse), he nonetheless lived a profoundly mystical life, obtaining a very high and pure mystical attainment by age 22.

There then followed two incarnations of failing in his attempt to assimilate the Geburah level of attainment.

First, he was a Russian called Father Ivan, profoundly steeped in magick, but laden with extreme vices, abusive of his magick powers, subject to rages, and author of horrible cruelties – all being extreme imbalances of the Gebu-ran energies.

Following this, he was a Heinrick van Dorn, an incarnation only partially remembered for reasons reportedly involving "some serious magical error connected with the grade of Adeptus Major," an abuse of black magical forces "in an entirely futile way. It is a tale of grimoires and vain evil rites, of pacts at which Satan was mocked, and crimes unworthy even of witches," Crowley wrote. He hanged himself at about age 27.

Following this suicide, he "passed through a dreadfully dark purgation," also described as "a profound horror and gloom." Upon completing this cleansing, he was born as Cagliostro (1748-1795). His karma having been equilibrated by his purgatory, Cagliostro reached a "very full" attainment of the 6=5 Grade. His blind spot in that incarnation, in his celebration of his mighty attainment, appears to have been a failure to see that something entirely Other lay beyond the Second Order – "not knowing or caring about the Abyss above me."

After Cagliostro, he incarnated as Eliphas Levi (1810-1875), who comfortably reattained the Adeptus Major Grade (summarizing his knowledge in The Dogma & Ritual of High Magic), then attaining the 7=4 Grade of Exempt Adept before his death."

- Chapter 10 (6=5 chapter) of The Mystical & Magical System of the A.'.A.'. by James A. E.

When I read the words of Master Therion above, I hear that he is referring to the ultimate identity of human beings, which indeed is perfect in itself.
(I wrote an article on the subject some time ago; see the blog 'After Abyss II.: Changeless reality', here >>)

At the same time, however, that ultimate, changeless reality is not the only reality to consider. And considering human relative nature might be an intelligent thing to do. It is that relative human nature that is being perfected, as is evident from the Master Therion's sequence of incarnations.

A well-researched phenomenon: reincarnation

Leaving the Thelema doctrine aside for the time being, I would like to evoke the lifelong research work done by Ian Stevenson, MD. His field of research was reincarnation.

His detailed and well-documented research results are interesting indeed. It is worth looking into his books, in my opinion, and what he shares therein is that in many documented cases, there was a person A who died. After a certain time, person B was born in a different place and remembered the circumstances of, in some cases, the violent death of person A.

Moreover, the birthmarks of person B affirm and connect with the injuries sustained by person A before dying. There are even death certificates of person A and photographs taken of the birthmarks of person B linking both.

There is a well-documented website, 'Dr. Ian Stevenson's Reincarnation Research', offering a wealth of information on the subject of the non-locality of human consciousness. You can visit the website here >> (a new page opens up)


So, where do all presented notions leave us regarding Thelema doctrine and reincarnation?

Well, as far as reincarnation is concerned, and considering the research results of Ian Stevenson and maybe personal insights into our past, it gets pretty challenging to disregard the whole concept.

And at the same time, with the Thelema as the empirical wisdom of the new Aeon in which the focus is on the continuity of awareness, it might be equally difficult to disregard the notion of "...seeing life and the world of duality as providing the opportunity for the “chance of union” (Liber AL I:29), to experience the joy of “love under will.” . 

The ultimate reality, which is so amply presented in many of the Thelema texts might as well be comprehended as something quite above and untouched by those adepts that have done the Work and have Attained...

...for the rest of us, well, we shall all see what awaits us, won't we.

New to Thelema?

Letting the heavy abstract topics of after Abyss be for a while, here we have a brief general introduction to Thelema and O.T.O.:

March 6, 2018

Nuit and Her feast for the Adepts

“As the dancer whirls, she chants in a strange, slow voice, quickening as she goes: Lo! I gather up every spirit that is pure, and weave him into my vesture of flame. I lick up the lives of men, and their souls sparkle from mine eyes. I am the mighty sorceress, the lust of the spirit. And by my dancing I gather for my mother Nuit the heads of all them that are baptized in the waters of life. I am the lust of the spirit that eateth up the soul of man. I have prepared a feast for the adepts, and they that partake thereof shall see God.”
~ Aleister Crowley, 15th Aethyr of The Vision and the Voice

February 28, 2018

Four Rays or Emanations

"...Know first, that from the Law spring four Rays or Emanations: so that if the Law be the centre of your own being, they must needs fill you with their secret goodness. And these four are Light, Life, Love, and Liberty.

By Light shall ye look upon yourselves, and behold All Things that are in Truth One Thing only, whose name hath been called No Thing for a cause which later shall be declared unto you. But the substance of Light is Life, since without Existence and Energy it were naught. By Life therefore are you made yourselves, eternal and incorruptible, flaming forth as suns, self-created and self-supported, each the sole centre of the Universe.

Now as by Light ye beheld, by Love ye feel. There is an ecstasy of pure Knowledge, and another of pure Love. And this Love is the force that uniteth things diverse, for the contemplation in Light of their Oneness. Know that the Universe is not at rest, but in extreme motion whose sum is Rest. And this understanding that Stability is Change, and Change Stability, that Being is Becoming, and Becoming Being, is the Key to the Golden Palace of this Law.

Lastly, by Liberty is the power to direct your course according to your Will. For the extent of the Universe is without bounds, and ye are free to make your pleasure as ye will, seeing that the diversity of being is infinite also. For this also is the Joy of the Law, that no two stars are alike, and ye must understand also that this Multiplicity is itself Unity, and without it Unity could not be. And this is an hard saying against Reason: ye shall comprehend, when, rising above Reason, which is but a manipulation of the Mind, ye come to pure Knowledge by direct perception of the Truth.

Know also that these four Emanations of the Law flame forth upon all paths: ye shall use them not only in these Highways of the Universe whereof I have written, but in every By-path of your daily life..."

- Liber CL, full text >>

February 22, 2018

Intoxicatingly beautiful

The Universe XXI.

"And this palace is nothing but the body of a woman, proud and delicate, and beyond imagination fair. She is like a child of twelve years old. 
She has very deep eye-lids, and long lashes. Her eyes are closed, or nearly closed. It is impossible to say anything about her. She is naked; her whole body is covered with fine gold hairs, that are the electric flames that are the spears of mighty and terrible Angels who breast-plates are the scales of her skin.
And the hair of her head, that flows down to her feet, is the very light of God himself. Of all the glories beheld by the seer in the Aethyrs, there is not one which is worthy to be compared with her littlest finger-nail. For although he may not partake of the Aethyr, without the ceremonial preparations, even the beholding of this Aethyr from afar is like the partaking of all the former Aethyrs.

The Seer is lost in wonder, which is peace.

And the ring of the horizon above her is a company of glorious Archangels with joined hands, that stand and sing: This is the daughter of BABALON the Beautiful, that she hath borne unto the Father of All. 
And unto all hath she borne her. 

This is the Daughter of the King. This is the Virgin of Eternity. This is she that the Holy One hath wrested from the Giant Time, and the prize of them that have overcome Space. This is she that is set upon the Throne of Understanding. Holy, Holy, Holy is her name, not to be spoken among men. For Kor they have called her, and Malkuth, and Betulah, and Persephone.

And the poets have feigned songs about her, and the prophets have spoken vain things, and the young men have dreamed vain dreams; but this is she, that immaculate, the name of whose name may not be spoken.
Thought cannot pierce the glory that defendeth her, for thought is smitten dead before her presence. Memory is blank, and in the most ancient books of Magick are neither words to conjure her, nor adorations to praise her. 
Will bends like a reed in the temptests that sweep the borders of her kingdom, and imagination cannot figure so much as one petal of the lilies whereon she standeth in the lake of crystal, in the sea of glass.

This is she that hath bedecked her hair with seven stars, the seven breaths of God that move and thrill its excellence. And she hath tired her hair with seven combs, whereupon are written the seven secret names of God that are not known even of the Angels, or of the Archangels, or of the Leader of the armies of the Lord.

Holy, Holy, Holy art thou, and blessed be Thy name for ever, unto whom the Aeons are but the pulsings of thy blood.

- The Cry of the 9th Aethyr, Which is Called ZIP,
Liber 418