October 20, 2015

Liber Cheth


A.'. A.'.
Publication in Class A.
N. Fra A.'. A.'.

1. This is the secret of the Holy Graal, that is the sacred vessel of our Lady the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, the bride of Chaos, that rideth upon our Lord the Beast.
2. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication.
3. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop.
4. Then shall thy brain be dumb, and thy heart beat no more, and all thy life shall go from thee; and thou shalt be cast out upon the midden, and the birds of the air shall feast upon thy flesh, and thy bones shall whiten in the sun.
5. Then shall the winds gather themselves together, and bear thee up as it were a little heap of dust in a sheet that hath four corners, and they shall give it unto the guardians of the abyss.
6. And because there is no life therein, the guardians of the abyss shall bid the angels of the winds pass by. And the angels shall lay thy dust in the City of the Pyramids, and the name thereof shall be no more. {25}
7. Now therefore that thou mayest achieve this ritual of the Holy Graal, do thou divest thyself of all thy goods.
8. Thou hast wealth; give it unto them that have need thereof, yet no desire toward it.
9. Thou hast health; slay thyself in the fervour of thine abandonment unto Our Lady. Let thy flesh hang loose upon thy bones, and thine eyes glare with thy quenchless lust unto the Infinite, with thy passion for the Unknown, for Her that is beyond Knowledge the accursed one.
10. Thou hast love; tear thy mother from thine heart, and spit in the face of thy father. Let thy foot trample the belly of thy wife, and let the babe at her breast be the prey of dogs and vultures.
11. For if thou dost not this with thy will, then shall We do this despite thy will. So that thou attain to the Sacrament of the Graal in the Chapel of Abominations.
12. And behold! if by stealth thou keep unto thyself one thought of thine, then shalt thou be cast out into the abyss for ever; and thou shalt be the lonely one, the eater of dung, the afflicted in the Day of Be-with-Us.
13. Yea! verily this is the Truth, this is the Truth, this is the Truth. Unto thee shall be granted joy and health and wealth and wisdom when thou art no longer thou.
14. Then shall every gain be a new sacrament, and it shall not defile thee; thou shalt revel with the wanton in the market-place, and the virgins shall fling roses upon thee, and the merchants bend their knees and bring thee gold and spices. Also young boys shall pour wonderful wines for thee, and the singers and the dancers shall sing and dance for thee. {26}
15. Yet shalt thou not be therein, for thou shalt be forgotten, dust lost in dust.
16. Nor shall the aeon itself avail thee in this; for from the dust shall a white ash be prepared by Hermes the Invisible.
17. And this is the wrath of God, that these things should be thus.
18. And this is the grace of God, that these things should be thus.
19. Wherefore I charge you that ye come unto me in the Beginning; for if ye take but one step in this Path, ye must arrive inevitably at the end thereof.
20. This Path is beyond Life and Death; it is also beyond Love; but that ye know not, for ye know not Love.
21. And the end thereof is known not even unto Our Lady or to the Beast whereon She rideth; nor unto the Virgin her daughter nor unto Chaos her lawful Lord; but unto the Crowned Child is it known? It is not known if it be known.
22. Therefore unto Hadit and unto Nuit be the glory in the End and the Beginning; yea, in the End and the Beginning.

June 4, 2015

On the nature of Spirits

I was gonna title this blog post "On the nature of Demons" but then I changed my mind. All Spirits I will write about have nasty reputation and I don't want to add to it.

These spirits are not evil or bad, far from it. There is sooooo much I have learned and they have helped me really a lot thus far. Always fulfilling my requests, quickly and efficiently, oftentimes surprising me with the results.

Although these Spirits are all of the same nature (meaning that they are perfect servants of The One), I got to know them in various settings: through Abramelin operation, Goetia evocations and Grimorium Verum operation, as an important part of stabilizing at the Geburah, if I use Qabalah terminology.

As above so below

Let us take a look at this first:

"...Elemental Demons are neither good nor evil, neither benevolent nor malevolent by nature; thus they may be employed for either good or evil purposes. It is not the demons, nor the calling of  them, nor magical art that is evil, rather it is the use that evil men may make of magical art that is evil.

There is no harm in magical art that is not first in the hearts of evil men; those who are good, and intend good, produce good; those who are evil, and intend evil, produce evil. 

Men who are good and faithful need fear no harm from magical art, for demons are conquerable and made subservient to the will of a good man by fortitude and courage..."
- Quoted in Grimorium Verum by Jake Stratton-Kent

The above text, also shared by Dr. John Dee, resonates with my current reality pretty much completely.

At the Abramelin operation the 4 Dukes (see The Book of Abramelin, a new translation for details on the operation) give the magician their servants. And the Duke Amaymon gave me a servant named Asteris.

And in a certain operation where I requested the presence of Asteris, my HGA impressed me with surprising piece of information: "Asteris is Amaymon himself".

I reacted immediately and requested of the Spirit to identify himself: "Are you Amaymon, only using the name Asteris?"

The feeling in the room changed considerably, the demon (at the time I still used the term "demon") became angry and dark. Well, that was my perception.
And he hissed a dark and dense vapor at my direction, through his mouth.

I just sat there, witnessing everything, with no magical ring, no triangle, no protective circle, no wand etc..., fully aware of the presence of my HGA and my qualitatively oneness with Her.

The dark vapor (I could understand that it was poisonous) just disappeared and the spirit Amaymon remained alone, fully present, bright. He affirmed that it is indeed himself using a different name. He was calm and not at all threatening or dark or evil.

I remember writing into my diary: "...I don't know what the demon thought would happen. Wasn't he aware of the presence of my HGA?!"

OK, so what has all of this got to do with the subject under discussion?

Well, my point is that even in that particular operation the "elemental demon" was completely neutral in essence, just like Dr. John Dee is saying. It was my inner ignorance, my fixed ideas about Amaymon that were reflected in his behavior.
As above (or within) so below (or without).

Pure spirits of my HGA, Goddess Kali

Months after the above event and after the "Geburah" initiation and after stabilizing therein (dates of posts here on the RHK Blog do not reflect correct sequence of events in real life), the relationship with the servant and other spirits has changed completely.

Now I am aware that it is the One God/Goddess that is living and breathing through those Spirits. They are not demons, not evil, not bad. Faaaaar from it.

They only come to a magician or a Tantric in a form that reflects his/her inner climate. This is also a notion supported in Grimorium Verum.

I had to face a lot of fear, distrust, doubt etc... when facing the four Spirit Kings and working with them, for example. But when all of these loose ends were dealt with, well, my perception was free from inner conflicts and outer oppression and now I perceive these "Infernal Kings of Spirits" as completely pure, powerful, loyal.

There is NONE else besides Him (God), meaning that there is no other force operating in the world that can do ANYTHING against Him. It is my current Understanding that He / She is doing everything, including the work that is done by Spirits or the so called demons.

Practical value

For example, the spirit Amaymon, he is very very patient, he can do most of things I ask. The information about him in various books are simply not all there is to him. Far from it. The One God is working through this particular spirit. And he is one of my favorite servant spirits, along with Paimon, Oriens and Ariton. I also work with the emissary Scirlin, Astaroth/Astarte and Elantiel. The master of all these spirits, a serpah, The Light Bearer, is the best, of course. Enough said. :)

Also Goetia spirits are loyal servants of my Goddess. I sometimes work with Seree, Dantalion, Bune. Great and powerful spirits, very skilled.

Especially Dantalion has been very very helpful. He can alter the line of thoughts in any person, for example.

After we got to know each other a bit better, he gave me his words of power that can alter and erase thoughts, bestow harmony and peace of mind, bend and bind will of others, protect against magick, read thoughts and discover secrets of others. All in accordance with the Will.

Whats the point?

Why am I sharing all of these details?
Well, withholding at least 90% of everything that has transpired thus far in operations with these Spirits, I am making one subjective point, I guess:

There is NONE else besides Him/Her (God/Goddess), meaning that there is no other force operating in the world that can do ANYTHING against Him/Her.
It is my current Understanding that He / She is doing everything, including the work that is done by Spirits or the so called demons. It is Her that is doing everything, the Queen of Time, Space and Demons.
And honoring the full presence of God/Goddess means honoring ALL of Her/His creation. 

And, there is NO God but man.

June 1, 2015

Goetia evocation: Paimon (II.)

Working with Paimon the king (see first post >>) has been fruitful, so an update is due:

In the first three days after the evocation, I felt his presence almost physically. I did not attack him or do anything rash as I knew I actually requested of him to give me a sign that the task I gave him was being delivered.
Well, he made sure that I knew that he is delivering as promised.

His presence was very, very strong, non-intrusive but borderline obsessive nevertheless. I have dealt with powerful spirits and Deities before so I handled it pretty well, I think. Paimon certainly is a spirit not to play around with.

It has been almost one month since the evocation (see what transpired back then >>) and I can share that the king Paimon is indeed a powerful spirit and that he can indeed help a great deal.

I kept bumping into various texts on the mystical kabalah both online and in real life, knowing that there are no coincidences: I required of Paimon to teach me innermost secrets of this ancient system. I was able to understand the texts I read in more depth than ever before, experiencing insights along the way.

Authentic Kabbalah, on the other hand, is more close to my heart and Paimon with his 200 legions of servant spirits had less work to do. I experienced deeper and deeper insights into the teachings of this authentic and ancient system of reality interpretation and I knew that my request to help me master the Authentic Kabbalah was being delivered big time.

One of Paimon's offices is to confer secrets of others. Well, my previously well developed ESP (extra sensory perception) has skyrocketed with his help. I seemed to simply know the innermost secrets of those around me that I focused my attention on. And it was not pretty, I must say. Oh well...

There are other requests that are being delivered, but they are more along the personal lines so I will refrain from sharing the progress. Suffice it to say that Paimon can teach anything and everything, even the most recent scientific or psychological developments and facts. He is a King, after all, serving Kalika very very well.

What is most important, as far as I can see, is that relationship with Paimon has developed beyond anything I would want to imagine one month ago. I see now that Paimon is no demon, but very very powerful spirit, willing to help and assist those that see beyond the apparent fog around Goetia spirits and have deeper insights into nature of these spirits in relation to the one Godhead.

I also understand now, on a deeper level, the warning in the illustrious Book of Abramelin which states (I am paraphrasing here) that it is an insult to HGA and God to use these spirits for bad and negative things.

With intention one binds such a spirit to do many things and with purity of heart and blessings from above, one "confers redemption" even to spirit as powerful as Paimon.

May 23, 2015

Goetia evocation: Astaroth

"The Twenty-ninth Spirit is Astaroth. He is a Mighty, Strong
Duke, and appears in the form of an hurtful angel riding on an infernal beast like a dragon, and carrying in his right hand a viper...... He gives true answers of things past, present, and to come, and can discover all secrets. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall. He can make men wonderfully knowing in all liberal sciences. He rules 40 Legions of Spirits." - Illustrated Goetia

There is no mystery that the great Duke Astaroth (as per hierarchy in the Book of Abramelin) and one of the three Kings (as per Grimorium Verum) is non-different from the ancient Goddess Astarte.

In theory this info yields no advantage but when actually evoking Goddess instead of a "demon", well, there is a huge difference. Mere intention to evoke a deity instead of a "demon" provides completely different reality IF and WHEN one is up to the paradigm shift, of course.

For one, a Deity will never try to screw you up and thus the whole situation changes considerably. There is no need for any kind of protection (circle, triangle, ring etc. etc.) and the "rules of engagement" are quite different.

I have worked with spirit Astaroth before (after the Abramelin operation) I actually looked into the ontology of his name and presence; he is a great and powerful spirit, no doubts there.

But when working with Goddess Astarte, I was ready to open up more and to dispense with my usual guard and protection which in itself can be a draw back. Opening up, on the other hand, can be and indeed is a huge benefit.

She is so kind, loving and also quite powerful. All of the attributes that are assigned to Astaroth are in Her as well and of course under Her control. And She is more then ready to offer Her support to anyone willing to work with Her. And, She is lovely to behold as well.

She is so loving and caring, way beyond my capacity to describe it. It is really worth the effort to change the attitude and evoke Her, keeping in mind that She is actually the "demon" Astaroth.

Astaroth being one of the three Kings as outlined in GV, evoking Astarte (with the consciousness that the king "demon" is actually Her), brings entirely different complexion on the matter. All of the subordinate spirits in the administration of Astaroth will be easier to deal with if one knows that it is the Goddess, not a demon, that is in charge. And again, She is more then willing to assist a magician in any way possible.

And, of course, there is the Astaroth's kinship with the one king from the the GV, which in turn offers many advantages while working the spirits from the said Grimorium.


May 21, 2015

GV spirit: Elantiel

I have been working with Elantiel (or Claunech, a spirit from Grimorium Verum (see the blog on the GV op. here >>) for some time now.

GV book shares about him:
"Claunech, also known as Elantiel or Chaunta, has power over riches, causes treasures to be found. He can give great riches to he who makes a pact with him, for he is much loved by Lucifer. It is he who causes money to be brought. It is also said that he has power over merchandise and wares. Th ose who make an agreement with him, he wil show where to find treasure and wil impart to ye the wisdom to a tain wealth."

In the first evocation he was willing to take on the task, he even asked a few questions to clarify my request.

I evoked him again after a week or so, with intention to offer him incense, perfume etc..., thanking him for his assistance.
Scirlin was present during this particular operation, she made Elantiel come to my side.

Anyway, Elantiel seemed happy with my offerings and so was I. I felt warm inside, knowing that spirit was pleased.

Few days after that I summoned him directly, this time with clear intention and request.
He appeared with all his majesty, he shows himself to me in the form of a rich king, all in gold-ware. :)

I asked him if I need to perform the operation outlined in GV book for money and he said that there is no need to use that procedure. "I will help you.", I heard.

So, I requested of him 2.000 €, in hard cash, either in EUR coins or in money bills.
My intention was firm, thoughts clear. I knew that he can deliver, I put my
trust in him (or god through him - there is no god but man, actually).
He said that he will manifest money into my pocket.

Well, a week or so after that, there was still no money in my pockets LOL, but
I got more then 2K eur from two people that were owing me money.
In fact, I got 50% more money then I requested of him.
So, the money did end up in my jacket pocket. :)

Elantiel, thank you!

Today, I performed a thank-you-ritual, I used the black mirror this time; I summoned him and he came, the mirror was bursting with his presence. It was like he is on the other side of "reality", using only the mirror for his manifestation into my "reality".
I offered him fire, water, perfume, incense and a quartz crystal.

It was a lovely ceremony, he was most pleased. He actually requested to pour perfume and water over the crystal, and to put out the candle.
I obliged him and he was very pleased. I actually saw him smiling.

I also gave him new assignment, he took it without questions.
After that, I gave him a customized license to depart and that was it.

All in all, a successful Elantiel operations from the day one.

Elantiel sigil

May 4, 2015

There is None Else Beside Him

1. There is None Else Beside Him

Ein Od Milvado
The Book of Shamati, Article # 1
I heard on Parashat Yitro, 1, February 6, 1944

It is written, “there is none else besides Him.” This means that there is no other force in the world that has the ability to do anything against Him. And what man sees, that there are things in the world that deny the Higher Household, the reason is that this is His will.

And it is deemed a correction, called “the left rejects and the right adducts,” meaning that which the left rejects is considered correction. This means that there are things in the world, which, to begin with, aim to divert a person from the right way, and by which he is rejected from Sanctity.

And the benefit from the rejections is that through them a person receives a need and a complete desire for the Creator to help him, since he sees that otherwise he is lost. Not only does he not progress in his work, but he sees that he regresses, that is, he lacks the strength to observe Torah and Mitzvot even in Lo Lishma (not for Her Name). That only by genuinely overcoming all the obstacles, above reason, can he observe the Torah and Mitzvot. But he does not always have the strength to overcome above reason; otherwise, he is forced to deviate, God forbid, from the way of the Creator, even from Lo Lishma.

And he, who always feels that the shattered is greater than the whole, meaning that there are many more descents than ascents, and he does not see an end to these states, and he will forever remain outside of holiness, for he sees that it is difficult for him to observe even as little as a jot, unless by overcoming above reason. But he is not always able to overcome. And what shall be the end?

Then he comes to the decision that no one can help him but the Creator Himself. This causes him to make a heartfelt demand that the Creator will open his eyes and heart, and truly bring him nearer to eternal adhesion with God. It thus follows, that all the rejections he had experienced had come from the Creator.

This means that it was not because he was at fault, that he did not have the ability to overcome. Rather, for those people who truly want to draw near the Creator, and so they will not settle for little, meaning remain as senseless children, he is therefore given help from Above, so he will not be able to say that thank God, I have Torah and Mitzvot and good deeds, and what else do I need?

And only if that person has a true desire will he receive help from Above. And he is constantly shown how he is at fault in his present state. Namely, he is sent thoughts and views, which are against the work. This is in order for him to see that he is not one with the Lord. And as much as he overcomes, he always sees how he is farther from holiness than others, who feel that they are one with the Creator.

But he, on the other hand, always has complaints and demands, and he cannot justify the Creator’s behavior, and how He behaves toward him. This pains him. Why is he not one with the Creator? Finally, he comes to feel that he has no part in holiness whatsoever.

Although he occasionally receives awakening from Above, which momentarily revives him, but soon after he falls into the place of baseness. However, this is what causes him to come to realize that only God can help and really bring him closer.

A man must always try and cleave to the Creator; namely, that all his thoughts will be about Him. That is to say, that even if he is in the worst state, from which there cannot be a greater decline, he should not leave His domain, namely, that there is another authority which prevents him from entering holiness, and which can bring benefit or harm.

That is, he must not think that there is the force of the Sitra Achra (Other Side), which does not allow a person to do good deeds and follow God’s ways. Rather, all is done by the Creator.

The Baal Shem Tov said that he who says that there is another force in the world, namely Klipot (shells), that person is in a state of “serving other gods.” It is not necessarily the thought of heresy that is the transgression, but if he thinks that there is another authority and force apart from the Creator, by that he is committing a sin.

Furthermore, he who says that man has his own authority, that is, he says that yesterday he himself did not want to follow God’s ways, that too is considered committing the sin of heresy. Meaning that he does not believe that only the Creator is the leader of the world.

But when he has committed a sin, he must certainly regret it and be sorry for having committed it. But here too we should place the pain and sorrow in the right order: where does he place the cause of the sin, for that is the point that should be regretted.

Then, one should be remorseful and say: “I committed that sin because the Creator hurled me down from holiness to a place of filth, to the lavatory, the place of filth.” That is to say that the Creator gave him a desire and craving to amuse himself and breath air in a place of stench.

(And you might say that it is written in books, that sometimes one comes incarnated as a pig. We should interpret that, as he says, one receives a desire and craving to take liveliness from things he had already determined were litter, but now he wants to receive nourishment from them).

Also, when one feels that now he is in a state of ascent, and feels some good flavor in the work, he must not say: “Now I am in a state that I understand that it is worthwhile to worship the Creator.” Rather he should know that now he was favored by the Creator, hence the Creator brought him closer, and for this reason he now feels good flavor in the work. And he should be careful never to leave the domain of Sanctity, and say that there is another who operates besides the Creator.

(But this means that the matter of being favored by the Creator, or the opposite, does not depend on the person himself, but only on the Creator. And man, with his external mind, cannot comprehend why now the Lord has favored him and afterwards did not.)

Likewise, when he regrets that the Creator does not draw him near, he should also be careful that it would not be concerning himself, meaning that he is remote from the Creator. This is because thus he becomes a receiver for his own benefit, and one who receives is separated. Rather, he should regret the exile of the Shechina (Divinity), meaning that he is causing the sorrow of Divinity.

One should imagine that it is as though a small organ of the person is sore. The pain is nonetheless felt primarily in the mind and in the heart. The heart and the mind, which are the whole of man. And certainly, the sensation of a single organ cannot resemble the sensation of a person’s full stature, where most of the pain is felt.

Likewise is the pain that a person feels when he is remote from the Creator. Since man is but a single organ of the Holy Shechina, for the Holy Shechina is the common soul of Israel, hence, the sensation of a single organ does not resemble the sensation of the pain in general. That is to say that there is sorrow in the Shechina when the organs are detached from her, and she cannot nurture her organs.

(And we should say that this is what our sages said: “When a man regrets, what does Shechina say? ‘It is lighter than my head.’”). By not relating the sorrow of remoteness to oneself, one is spared falling into the trap of the desire to receive for oneself, which is considered separation from holiness.

The same applies when one feels some closeness to holiness, when he feels joy at having been favored by the Creator. Then, too, one must say that one’s joy is primarily because now there is joy Above, within the Holy Shechina, at being able to bring her private organ near her, and that she did not have to send her private organ away.

And one derives joy from being rewarded with pleasing the Shechina. This is in accord with the above calculation that when there is joy for the part, it is only a part of the joy of the whole. Through these calculations he loses his individuality and avoids being trapped by the Sitra Achra, which is the will to receive for his own benefit.

Although, the will to receive is necessary, since this is the whole of man, since anything that exists in a person apart from the will to receive does not belong to the creature, but is attributed to the Creator, but the will to receive pleasure should be corrected to being in order to bestow.

That is to say, the pleasure and joy, which the will to receive takes, should be with the intention that there is contentment Above when the creatures feel pleasure, for this was the purpose of creation – to benefit His creations. And this is called the joy of the Shechina Above.

For this reason, one must seek advice as to how he can bring contentment Above. And certainly, if he receives pleasure, contentment shall be felt Above. Therefore, he yearns to always be in the King’s palace, and to have the ability to play with the King’s treasures. And that will certainly cause contentment Above. It follows that his entire longing should be only for the sake of the Creator.

Reposted from Kabbalah.info web site
Original text >>

May 2, 2015

Goetia evocation: King Paimon

Illustrated Goetia shares:
"The Ninth Spirit in this Order is Paimon, a Great King ..... He has a great voice, and roars at his first coming, and his speech is such that the Magician will not be able to understand him unless compelled. He can teach all arts and sciences, and other secret things. He can reveal to you what the Earth is, and what holds it up
in the Waters; and what mind is, and where it is; or any other thing
you may desire to know. He gives Dignity, and confirms the same. He binds or makes any man subject unto the Magician if he so desire it. He gives good Familiars, who can teach all arts. He is to be observed towards the West. He is of the Order of Dominations.(Dominions) He has under him 200 Legions of Spirits, and part of them are of the Order of Angels, and the other part of Potentates...."

Luciferian Goetia paints a different picture:
"Paimon is an angel-daimon of Lucifer, whom appears as a man crowned upon a camel. This spirit is a familiar of musick, thus by invoking Paimon one may work through an avenue of self-initiation through creating musick.
Paimon is a powerful Angelick King of the Witchcraft, whom has 200 Legions of spirits – half are the Orders of Angels, the others being Potentates. Paimon appears with two Spirit/Djinn – Label and Ablim who are referred to as Kings. Paimon is perhaps one of the most significant Angelick Rulers, which along with Astaroth (whom is more bestial/demonic in nature and appearance) opens the way to the “Grail” of Lucifer’s crown – the perception of “I” and the mind separate from the universe.
Paimon is a higher spirit of self-initiation, who is a path maker for ones own becoming. Paimon sometimes appears as an angelick spirit with a flaming sword. His office is Guardian of the Path through Leviathan, the Guardian of the Depths and Subconscious."

Paimon is listed in the Book of Abramelin as one of the eight dukes under the four kings. He is one of the four cardinal directions' dukes who give a loyal spirit servant (in the Abramelin operation). His servant has served me very well right from the start; his six hours duty is from midnight to sunrise.

I did a semi-goetia evocation (no protective circle or triangle, dark mirror, magickal ring or wand, no threats with punishments etc.), I summoned him knowing that I have already got his allegiance in the Abramelin operation ritual.

Here's what transpired:

As soon as I intended to evoke him and uttered his name, energy in the room changed somewhat. I repeated his name in soft voice and I heard: "I am here."
I made sure that my awareness was focused on my HGA and I did not open my energy body to the presence of a spirit. No need to do that.

After a while I heard again: "I am here, what do you want?"

I said out loud that I first want to see his true form. Immediately I saw him riding a powerful white horse with beaming red eyes. He was seated on the horse as a king, mighty and strong.

I said that in the Goetia text he is listed as one of the 72 spirits. He remained silent. I asked then what are his abilities, what he can do. He then started to list the things that are already known from the texts and also some other things that are not.

I asked him what about finances and healing of diseases. He said: "That's easy. Wealth comes from within." I understood that he confers dignity, charismatic presence, power and success and that is his way of providing material fortune. He did not deny.

He also said that he could make me strong and invincible and that he could confer upon me the innermost secrets of others.

"I can bind to you anyone you desire.", he said after a while. I asked him what does that entail and he explained that he could make any person do my biding, unconditionally.
I thought for a few moments - I have no need for a drone like person to follow me around, so I asked him what about demons and other spirits. He said: "I can bind to you only those that are under my command."

At this point I remembered his obedient servant from the Abramelin operation and thanked him for it.
He said nothing.

At this point it become crystal clear in my mind that he is simply following the oath he took during the Abramelin ritual and that's why he is so submissive.

I also gave him a rather important task and he accepted it without question. I also demanded that in a day he provides me with a sign that the result is being delivered.
I said that if he delivers, my Kali might be more merciful with him. I saw his face in the expression of obedience, maybe even a trace of fear.
After a thought or two, I added that I might propagate his sigil on the internet if he fulfills my request. He remained as before, saying nothing. Truly a king's composure.

I gave him license to depart and balanced with Star Ruby.

It is a few hours after the evocation now and I already sense the effects. Holy magick turns even the most powerful spirits into angels, as it were.
Will post an update when more results start to manifest.

An update:
Goetia evocation: Paimon (II.) >>

April 16, 2015

There is none else beside Him

I have been involved with this particular group of Kabbalists since 2011 now, taking their free courses online, learning a great deal in the process.
Their web site is Kabbalah.info.

I distinguish the mystical Qabalah from the, lets say, authentic Kabbalah. And in this post I will focus on the latter one.

Suiting my level of Understanding, the mystical Qabalah gave me a lot, but it was or is the "authentic" tradition that helped me the most. I was guided to it by my spirits and I am grateful for it.

For me, the text "There is none else besides Him" (you can find it here >>) is, after the Crossing of the Abyss, more relevant then ever.

The text deals with the whole methodology of Kabbalah, in detail. There is nothing else one must know to master the Authentic Kabbalah, in my opinion. I could go on and on about the implications of the message in the text, but I will let the videos bellow speak for themselves.

In the series of the "Kabbalah revealed", there are two parts, and I invite you to watch and then re-watch them both for many many many many many many many many times.

Here we go, part one:

Part two:

March 7, 2015

Goetia evocation: Dantalion (II.)

An update:

in the days that followed the evocation of the spirit Dantalion, there was a quite notable change of my overall psychological climate. I was full of energy, elated even, had a great time with my kid, enjoyed myself immensely. Power, joy and again the power of Light.
I know this was "his" work (I can sense his energy apart from other spirits).

Also, an old friend invited herself over to my place and we had a great time (in bed and all). I also see this as an influence from him (his office being to cause love etc...).

We (the spirit and me) had a longer chat yesterday about what the he wants from me in return. He kept on pushing blood, my energy etc... I then ended the discussion with suggesting that he could meet my HGA (Kali Ma) and ask Her for the energy and he backed down. I actually saw him being afraid.
I settled then on propagating his sigil a bit (after the tasks are completely fulfilled).

Anyhow, I consider this evocation a complete success and Dantalion my new "servant" spirit, thanks to my Mother Kali.

Dantalion is a powerful spirit and books speak about only his main abilities. He has shown me what else he can do (which is far beyond what the Goetia texts share) and taught me certain things that are of great use in daily life (he gave me certain words of power). There is no need to share these things here, suffice it to say that this particular spirit can do a lot.

March 4, 2015

Goetia evocation: Dantalion

I was inspired to perform Goetia operation with duke Dantalion.

Goetia states:

"The Seventy-first Spirit is Dantalion. He is a Duke Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man with many Countenances, all Men's and Women's Faces; and he hath a Book in his right hand. His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one, for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits."

I opened up and invoked my HGA (Kali Ma) first and then proceeded to evoke Dantalion. Right from the start I felt powerful presence and for a moment there I lost my line of thoughts as if some powerful force was influencing my mind and bending my will.
I was aware of this, however, and remembered that his office is this too (knowing thoughts of others and changing them at will).

I informed him that I did not call him out of malice or just for fun or out of curiosity, but to serve Adonai and all humanity.
His reply was a bit cheeky: So what?

Again, his powerful influence was present, and it took a while for me to focus again. I was not rude or impolite, I just focused on the name of my Kali and Her mantra and from that moment on all went well more or less.

I requested of him to take an oath (to speak it out laud) to come whenever and where ever I call upon him and to obey my requests and fulfill them to the letter and that his servants will also serve my HGA (Kali), Adonai - through me.

He asked what I offer in return and I again expressed my will that there isn't any and will be no pact and that I offer nothing in return. But, if he is obedient and hard working maybe my Kali will be more merciful with him. He was created to serve and with me, he will be called to serve the Light, without harming me, my loved ones, my friends or environment.

After that, his presence and his attitude changed and I actually saw him bow down his head. I saw him as a tall man, all in white light. I don't know if there were wings or just shining light.

I requested that he spoke out loud the oath which he did.

I then asked him what can he do, how can he serve. He explained more or less the same things as are outlined in the book.

Then I gave him first assignment which he took without any questions. I also informed him about a certain movement of my hand which will mean that he has to come immediately and obey my requests and fulfill them.
He said: Right.

Then I said that he may retire to his realm but to remember the oath he took.
I thanked him and he went away immediately.

After a while (10 or 15 mins) I made the agreed movement with my right hand and he appeared without delay.
I gave him second assignment and he again took it without any objections. Then I retired him.

That was all.

See an update on the Dantalion operation >>

Attaining the K&C of the HGA

In this article I want to share my observations about the event that is in Western hermetic tradition called attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (K&C of the HGA).

I want to address the specific elements of such attainment and some very important moments in the sadhana of an aspirant that may make a huge difference in the process of attainment.

Therefore, I shall avoid rambling on and on about the history and theory behind the K&C of the HGA concepts. A lot of other texts have been dedicated to that, no need to repeat it here. I will also refrain from conveying my thoughts through complicated symbolism as there is no need for that either. No more secrets. :)

It is my observation that many sincere and dedicated individuals I have met personally might simply be wasting time and energy with things and rituals that are never ever gonna produce attainment of  K&C of the HGA. That is the main reason for writing about this rather important topic, hearing and following the inspiration of my own HGA.

Having said that, and on a more personal note, this specific process of attainment is by far the most subjective and individual. Therefore I invite you to view this text as my subjective reality - my aim is to share, not to educate or teach.

Setting the scene

Attainment of  K&C of the HGA in this context means conscious, real, deep and utterly intimate and clear awareness of the contact with the transpersonal (meaning transcendental, non-material and non-elemental) being, that is separate (possesses separate identity) from the aspirant and is not her higher self or the soul or atma or monada or star etc...

So, in a way, we can write an occasional looking in the mirror and seeing the HGA right off.

The K&C of HGA in this context therefore means complete non-material and trans-personal state of consciousness where adept leaves behind his/her mundane and relative personal (material) identifications and fully embraces 'new' and eternal Identity through 'melting' his/her innermost being with the HGA (in intimate exchange of Love).

Individuality is inherently present in every single unit of consciousness and each identity is eternal. Maybe qualitatively speaking we really are all one with all the Gods and Goddesses, but at the identity level we are separate. Every man and every woman is a star. So the HGA is different from the aspirant at all levels of existence (this still allows HGA to be within or without, that is, to perceive HGA within us or on the outside). And that's a very good thing, for it allows a love exchange, among other things.

Wasted years?

I have a dear friend whom I have known right from the childhood. He is a good friend and I respect him but on the other hand, for me, he is a fool (and I usually tell him as much, maybe not in those exact words). He is spending all of his time learning scriptures by heart, performing various elemental, zodiac and other rituals (he is in O.T.O.), happily (and probably unaware) avoiding facing deeper reality in both his personal and magickal / mystical life. And this has been going on for decades now.

Of course, he is, like many others I assume, only following the prescribed curriculum of his Order, never questioning its true face value, I guess.

And when it comes to the attainment of K&C of the HGA there are important things to consider, not just a priori following some instructions, in my experiences.

The level which HGA dwells on is NOT material or elemental. HGA is fully transpersonal being, living and breathing in different reality from ours. And if we are to make a contact with Him/Her, we ought to play by His/Her rules, not by material or elemental or zodiac ones.

Magick without tears, p. 496 shares (emphasis mine):

"But you must remember that your Holy Guardian Angel is not only far more fully instructed than yourself on every point that you can conceive, but you may go so far as to say that it is definitely his work, or part of his work; remembering always that he inhabits a sphere or plane which is entirely different from anything of which you are normally aware."

So, taking the above notions into consideration, my point is that executing planetary, elemental or zodiac rituals with the hope of attaining K&C of the HGA can fall short.

In my experience, one really has to raise his awareness ABOVE the planetary, elemental and zodiac levels, for the transpersonal being dwells therein not. How?

What are you focusing on?

This is very important, I feel: investing energy into material, elemental or zodiac rituals may be an obstacle in itself. Our focus determines our reality and focusing on those non-transpersonal levels is really not so efficient a strategy. Such rituals and practice might change planetary, elemental and zodiac parts of awareness of the individual BUT they will NOT help in attaining the K&C of the HGA by themselves.

Ben Sandler (IAO131 is his nickname) shares in his books the same notion, it seems:
"Initiation cannot be bestowed from others through words, symbols, rituals, or in any other way."

By studying the Buddhist (or Thelema or any other, for that matter) scriptures one may become a PhD in Buddhist literature (a very learned individual by all known standards) but it will not produce a Buddha, the Awakened One.
You don't have to earn a PhD in any tradition to attain permanent and truly transpersonal experiences. Quite the opposite. The more one is attached to the material, elemental and zodiac stuff, the harder the advancement.

Look at and invest into impermanent planetary, elemental and zodiac parts of awareness and only that is what will be seen. Dreaming instead awakening:

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. 
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 
- C.G. Jung

Furthermore, I think it was Crowley who said that attaining K&C of the HGA is the single most important thing in the life of a person. I agree.
So whats the point in focusing on anything else, really?

Think about it, if you will:
the level from which we perceive a problem or a challenge can never be efficiently used to bring forth the solution to that problem / challenge.

So, we can never ever attain something that is beyond our current level of awareness by employing this exact same level of awareness and tools therein.

Granted, the rituals and various methods may help in the process of attaining K&C of the HGA on the intellectual or maybe energy levels, but they WILL NOT produce the attainment itself.
Nothing can.

The attainment of K&C of the HGA is a process which is totally beyond our control. It is quite the same story with the intimacy, isn't it. Can you force an orgasm? Can you make it happen using only your effort, your will, right now?

No amount of rituals and any other deeds can ever directly produce such attainment, simply because the attainment of the  K&C of the HGA is transpersonal in nature. And that being the case, surrender is needed.

The Being one is trying to attain is beyond elemental, planetary, zodiac spheres of awareness. S/he is completely and totally transcendental. S/he is trans-personal, above personal. S/he is eternal, whereas all other parts of awareness are impermanent, fleeting and ever changing.

And that being the case, the Being that is perfect by itself needs nothing from an aspirant.

The attainment of the  K&C of the HGA in hermetic traditions IS the result of the unconditional mercy. It is a gift, and it is a huge gift, actually. You can not make it happen, it is impossible to force it. It is the gift of intimate Love.

What then?

So, what to do?
Whatever you want, whatever you like :)

My unsolicited proposition, however, is this:

1. Realize first that your personal efforts alone will produce no real attainment of the K&C of the HGA.

Admit to yourself that you are not at all capable of attaining the K&C of the HGA on your own.
Admit that you actually need help from Above, from the Being you are seeking contact with.

Loosen up the grip upon the material, elemental and zodiac rituals, let them go. Tune down the (material) efforts a bit, let go of the intellect!

Depend only on the Being you are seeking Union with. Open up, surrender to Him/Her. Forget the darn material rituals and literal knowledge. Intellect can't really help here, not even in a triillion years.

2. Having done the above,
try to notice that there is a need present in you. There is a sort of lacking present in your heart of hearts.

There is a quality present in all of us, some sort of longing, a yearning. Become aware of it. Now, today.
People try to fullfill this inner need by oh so nany things on the outside (by magickal rituals, too). Humans have unlimited creativity for distractions, it seems. Waste of time, in my opinion.

Also, try do understand that everything that has been happening in your life (after you have decided to embark on this mystical/magickal path, and even before that) is just a way of your HGA trying to bring you closer to Him/Her. So do trust in Him/Her.

This is crucial:
now open up, and set your inner orientation, your intention to get closer to your HGA. Open your heart and reach out NOT by action, but by intention.

Reach out ONLY for the Light, only for Him/Her. Pray to Him/Her, intend for Him/Her to open your eyes, your heart and bring you closer. Surrender as much as your current state allows you.

Do this frequently.
Realize that everything that is happening in your world is controlled by your HGA. Link every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every event that occurs in your life to your HGA.

And inflame yourself in setting the intention, inner yearning ONLY for the HGA, ONLY for the Light from WITHIN. In other words, invoke often, not by performing ritualistic drama, but by making a space in your awareness for your HGA, not with some action but with pure Intention.

Do that, and in no time you shall be brought into direct contact with your HGA. Even combining above steps with your current practice will yield fast and lasting results.

Intimacy is the key here. Surrender and opening up to the intimate relationship or love affair with your  HGA is the key.
And that is a gift. It is the one result of a causeless mercy.

To sum up:
"It is the truth that liberates, not your effort to be free."
- J. Krishnamurti

February 3, 2015

Grimorium Verum operation

Grimorium Verum (Latin for True Grimoire or The Grimoire of Truth) is a medieval text which outlines detailed procedures for preparation and evocation of powerful (elemental) spirits.

It is an advanced text, I would say that it can be paralleled to the illustrious Book of Abramelin.

Various Grimorium Verum editions and books are available, I would recommend the one by Jake Stratton-Kent.

Well, I was inspired by my Goddess Kalika to dedicate my time to completing Grimorium Verum evocations (GV operation,as I refer to it).


I read thorough all text few times, really dedicated my time to trying to comprehend the essence of the text and I decided to skip the tedious medieval preparation instructions (you will know what I mean when you read the book :) ), knowing that those material deeds and tools may or may not be crucial for the operation. Such preparations do accumulate a lot of energy, though, so it may be a good idea to actually go through with them. Not me, however. I am definitely not a traditionalist and love to improvise.

I have a lot of experiences with working with spirits and Goetia evocations and I employ no tools (circle, triangle, ring etc...) and it works out very well. Besides, Abramelin operation in itself is stripped bare of all material tools apart from a consecrated space, wand and oil. I figured that GV operation can be concluded in similar ways. I was right. My Kalika was there with me all of the time.


I followed inner inspiration and commenced the GV operation on Thursday last week, I did it in my office (where I usually perform various magick rituals, Aethyrs visiting etc...), I consecrated the place with Abramelin oil and drew a circle with my wand around my seat. Pure white energy was pouring out of the wand like a laser beam. I also offered incense to the spirits I was about to evoke...

I also had all sigils outlined in the book printed out on a nice paper. I intended to request spirits to sign their respective sigil thus taking an oath of allegiance to me and my Devi. I understand this to be equal to requesting the spirits from Abramelin operation to swear on the word squares.

According to the GV, there are three Kings, six Deputies and various powerful subordinate spirits - all under King LUC and his emissary, Scirlin.

The debate on the true identity of the powerful spirit Scirlin on the EM (the thread can be viewed here >>) has helped me a lot in understanding the nature of the spirit:


With above character (according to GV book) in my left hand, I first evoked Scirlin, I saw a change in the room immediately, and upon my request to see it in human form, I saw a lovely lady. It was Scrilin. I knew that relationship with her is the key to the successful GV operation, so I took some time to establish a base for a friendly relationship with her. No threats, no "if you don't deliver, I will..." etc..., just clear thoughts and intentions. She was not at all willing to cooperate with me at first, but when I focused my attention on my Devi, my Kali Ma, situation changed. I also kindly let the Emissary know that the incense is burning in her honor as well.

I know from my Tantric practice that most spirits are miserable and covet the elemental energies, which can be offered to them via incense, water, fire, oil or perfume, and flower or food or stones. Spirits have no mouth so they "eat" via the sense of smell, according to our Tantric tradition.

I also offered fire to her (and also a powerful perfume later on in my apartment) and she was most pleased.

I moved on with the evocations, starting with the great king, LUC. 

I will refrain from outlining the details, lets just say that we are "friends" now (GV says that "spirits will offer their service to those that have good relations with them and are 'friends'", I am paraphrasing here of course).

The relationship with Scirlin and later on with LUC was an introduction to rather intense transpersonal realizations regarding the nature of the spirits and my Goddess Kali.

GV operation completed

To make a long story really short, Scirlin was on my side and spirits listened to her, some obviously slightly intimidated by her, some more rebellious but still willing to cooperate.

They charged their respective sigils (or as the GV says, they sign the sigils), thus making themselves available to my HGA and me.

Just today I summoned Scirlin and asked her which spirit would be particularly good for a task at hand and she suggested Elantiel. I summoned him or she called him over to me, he was docile and willing to assist me. He even asked some questions.

That was it.

January 31, 2015

The book of Abramelin

Buy book
Abramelin operation, simple and most effective good old Jewish ritual of self initiation, has mystified modern magicians for over a century.

The famous Aliester Crowley is mentioned in the books as the only one who has actually completed the operation. Nowadays, however, the number of people who have completed the ritual has grown in numbers.

Without disclosing the details, all I can say is that the ritual is one of the best and direct paths to the Light of HGA and to the holy and sacred magic (as opposed to the "low magic" based on pacts with the spirits/demons).

The new book offers all info you need to start and complete the ritual. It is worth the effort!

Amazon.com introduction:

The Book of Abramelin is the first modern translation of this magical work since Mathers' original translation over 100 years ago. 
 Not only is the language updated, but Georg Dehn, the compiler and editor, has sourced his work from all extant manuscripts, while Mathers used just one. The result is a stunning new translation that has already set the occult world abuzz. It includes voluminous important material left out of Mathers' work, including an entire Part 2 filled with magical recipes, important distinctions in the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel ritual, and complete word grids that were only partially completed by Mathers. 
This is an essential work for any serious practicing magician or student of occult history.