October 10, 2016

Enochian dance

Visiting Aethyrs has been one of my favorite practices for years. I first started the Enochian magick practice with elemental Kings by incorporating them (with their consent) into banishing and invoking rituals. Having experienced their might, as it were, I moved straight on to Aethyrs.

So far I have done three cycles of this (to me) very, very sacred practice and have visited certain Aethyrs many many times, receiving teachings and thus instigating profound transformation of perception.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to practice and visit Aethyrs. The wisdom, power, love, and compassion of spiritual beings who dwell therein are, in my opinion, simply unsurpassed.


......refraining from sharing personal details of the visits, I would like to share a few things I have learned thus far. Of course, the thoughts below are subjective and may be irrelevant to others.

Here we go:

First thing I realized after the first few visits was that there's one thing that matters the most: intention. What do I want to get from visiting these levels of existance? Well, my first intention (at the time I already had a solid connection with my HGA) was to learn something new. All the visits in the first cycle reflected that intention.

Next: a very important thing in the overall Aethyr system, in my opinion, is that you can't enter any given Aethyr if you are not yet ready. So, in a way, the system can represent a rather clear indication of the real initiation level.

I also observed that all teachings and pieces of information needed for moving on to the next Aethyr are received at the previous one. In practice that means it is very wise to record everything that is happening in real-time; things get really deep, especially at the higher Aethyrs, and linear memory simply doesn't work afterward. I used to record everything with my digital MP3 recorder.

OK, next:
One thing I was surprised to notice when reading the V & V was that Master Therion never worked with the governors. Well, my HGA insisted that I evoke all three (in some cases, four) governors at every Aethyr with the intention to learn from them. Well, in short, oftentimes it was a very rough ride.
And yet, after all these years of visiting Aethyrs I still maintain that learning from governors is very very effective.

when I share the info about the Enochian Aethyrs with my students, I make sure to get one thing across: do the practice, visit the Aethyrs when you are really ready and want to instigate a profound change in your life.
Of course, it goes without saying that one can easily deceive oneself and only imagine stuff, but when true sincerity is on the table, well, you better be ready.

OK, moving on:
I have learned so much from the governors and by just being there in any given Aethyr, I experienced so much support, love (heh, and also downright negative self-generated bullshit), that I simply can't seem to find the right words.

Angelic governors are, in my experience and according to my observation, clearly clairvoyant and claircognizant. In other words, they know everything about me, a visitor, just by looking at me.
Many times, especially at the ZOM, ARN, and LIL, their words turned out to be prophetic. Clearly, precognition is something they excel at. So, I learned to listen to them and to read between the lines.

And maybe one last share:
in my last visits, maybe a few months ago, a new approach was offered at first by Doagnis, the first governor at ARN. He offered me to invoke him and also gave me a mantra or word of power (in Enochian language). All other governors (in both ARN and LIL) followed the same line of support. Using this kind of support it became increasingly easy to open up to these levels of awareness even in everyday life.

My custom made golden-silver Enochian ring

Ok, that's about it. I wish you all the best in your work.


  1. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

    Thank you for the write up and advice. I'm planning on starting an extended exploration of the Enochian system early next year, so I'm actively looking for advice. You mention reading The Vision and the Voice; do you suggest reading it first, or is it wise to avoid developing any preconceived notions about the Aethyrs?


    Love is the Law, Love Under Will

  2. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

    Thank you for your question, Thom.

    V & V is Thelema's classic and contains important notions. I dont see any problem in reading it first.
    Aethyrs are very dynamic and teachings one receives therein are ultra subjective (in my experience).

    Besides, there is no vizualization involved (as it is the case with, say, Sephirot scrying), and one is free to soar on the wings of perception.

    Of course, you know your mind best and if there is much clinging to preconceived concepts and ideas, well, then it is wise to consider going in naked, as it were.

    Good Will!

    Love is the Law, Love under Will.

  3. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law.

    Greetings of Blessed Love, Frater 418,
    I am Frater Khepra AKA Ras Ber I.

    I resonate with your expression of Thelema and encourage you to continue
    the Great Work.

    I have been a Thelemite for a good many years and specialize in it's correspondences
    to Emperor Haile Selassie 1 of Ethiopia (Born on July 23rd, 1892, one of the Heliacal Risings of Sirius, the Lovely Star), RasTafari and the Tewahedo Ethiopian Orthodox Faith, the Coptic Faith, The Desert Fathers and the Dogon Tribe of Mali, West Africa.

    Feel free to correspond with me on any of the above.

    One Love is the Law , Love under Will.
    Peace and Justice.


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