August 9, 2016

Goetia evocation: be careful

Goetia evocations and work with Goetia spirits (Paimon, Dantalion, Sair, Sitri, etc.) have served me on many levels.

During most of these operations, I was stabilizing the awareness at Geburah, dealing with a broad spectrum of previously unknown pieces of "shadow" (if I use the Jungian term).

The "Qliphoth" or the "dark side" of stages on the Tree of Life had to be faced, felt, and released.

And Goetia spirits lent their hands big time. The learning was intense and yet rewarding.

The Luciferian Goetia (p. 9) shares:
"The Goetia as it is a tool of  darkness; it is also a tool of strengthening the self – one of fiery light."

A warning

It may seem easy when you read reports on these operations, but that might not be the case.

You have to be careful when dealing with the Goetia spirits. Of course, if your initiation level is above Tiphareth (i.e., 5=6 in A.’.A.’. or higher), things get easier. If not, do get ready before you evoke Sitri to get that sexy girl laid.

You might not be ready when:
* You still ask what are the basic magic rituals.
* You question the strength of your circle.
* You cannot sense your circle or communicate with the entities.
* You are afraid of darkness and demons.
* You have little to no idea on how to astrally protect yourself.
*You have yet to achieve Deity assumption or Knowledge and Conversation of HGA (or mantra siddhi in Tantric terminology); that will help you considerably, especially concerning Goetic evocation or any other evocation of what could be called demons.

Read the whole post on the basics of Solomonic evocations at Studio Arcanis Forum, here >> (when the website is up and running).

You might also want to listen to the podcast on Creating Effective Magical Invocation, from Speach in the Silence, here >>

On the other hand...

Of course, things are not so gloomy, far from it.

If your state of consciousness is just "right", even the Goetia or Grimorium Verum spirits are easy to work with.

Good luck with your evocations!

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