October 7, 2016

City of pyramids

Not a physical or mental place, outside of space and time, far above the most subtle and sublime barking of well trained dogs of reason, light years away from personal projections of emotional needs and yet immanent and so very close.

Separated from direct perception (samadhi) only only only by missplaced attention, intention and wrong perception.

Never ever attainable (or better yet: realized as already realized) by Knowledge and way beyond the science of pathetic canine exploration.

Free from mental, emotional, energy and physical forms - completely transpersonal.

Complete openess and giving, giving, giving.

Pure Understanding of everything as it always was, is and will be.

Unlimited gentle and compassionate support from Her, who is non-dual with all the Pyramids.

Once realized forever remaining inseparable part of.

Sharing the power, presence and wisdow with all the Pyramids herein.

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