November 8, 2023

Authentic Kabbalah vs Mystical Qabalah

There is Mystical (Hermetic) Qabalah, and there is Authentic Kabbalah.

While Mystical Qabalah is a mix of pretty much anything a human mind could come up with over the centuries, the authentic Kabbalah has nothing whatsoever to do with anything within a human mind.

I like the Mystical Qabalah, its colorful symbolism, planet influences, chakras, numerical and alphabetical riddles, angels, and imputed meaning to the sephirot on the Tree of Life, mainly because I like to play around with my mind.

Over a decade ago, in 2011, however, I came across a video on YouTube titled Kabbalah Revealed.
Tony, the presenter, caught my attention in an instant. I knew he was for real, not some wannabe mystic or magician.

Fast forward to the present day:

I dropped the Mystical Qabalah as it is only mind-blowing (meaning, blowing around concepts in my mind - not enough anymore).

Nowadays, I use it with students who are not yet awake enough to delve into the actual teachings of the Authentic Kabbalah.

The Lineage of the Authentic Kabbalah I refer to here (there is only one Lineage, actually) is a group of non-mystics and non-magicians and certainly non-occultists
dating back over 5000 years.

Their teachings (predominantly for free, online, and in books) are so profound that they put the Mystic or Hermetic Qabalah to shame.

After more than a decade of careful study (meaning, slowly and gradually, as it can get really challenging) of the Authentic Jewish Kabbalah teachings, all I can say is that the Mystic Qabalah is to Authentic Kabbalah what amnesia is to a real-life experience. And I say that with all kindness and no menace.

I started to employ the instructions from the book Shamati (I have heard), article #1, 'There is none else besides him' right after I first heard it. And it took a few weeks to get used to the new method.
My bodies (nervous and endocrine systems, cognitive maps in the brain, cell memory, astral and mental bodies, etc.) needed time to adjust to the inflow of pure Light into the central line above reason.

I am confident that this one teaching not only quickened the stabilizing of the Adeptus Minor grade (as per A.'.A.'.), it also contributed to the painless, smooth, and permanent crossing of the Abyss.

Many of the texts presented on this website are elaborations on the empirical knowledge supported by the teachings of the Authentic Kabbalah.

The Authentic Kabbalah is the fundamental blueprint of Reality above reason, and its premises can effectively be applied to any system of spiritual awakening (Vajrayana and Thelema, in my case).

I am probably not making any sense to you.
But hey, invest some time and energy and
come and see:

- Fra 418.'.

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