October 13, 2023

Egypt, the land of Ancient Gods


I was inspired to visit again the summit of the Enochian Aethyrs earlier this month (October 2023) before my travel to Egypt.
I penetrated the veil of ARN after the successful and significant learning process in ZOM.

This visit transpired last week on Thursday early morning, and while most of what took place there is beyond the scope of this blog post, I can share what Pacasna, the second governor in ARN, said to me:

"A danger will loom in Egypt during your visit, but you will not be hurt in any way; you will hardly notice that danger."

We all know about the atrocities that started last weekend in Israel and Gaza (350 km from Cairo), and maybe some understand what has happened here in Egypt. 

My point is that the claircognizant Beings in the Enochian Realms can and do help us spiritually and in everyday life.

Whether the notion that "...you will hardly notice that danger." indicated my lack of focus on impermanent phenomena, my complete confidence in Angel's words, or the song of Heruraha actualizing itself, the fact remains that safety was (still is) a normal state here.


After visiting the Egyptian Museum (see photo of Horus below) and other ancient locations, we took some time to explore the Edfu Temple dedicated to Horus.

Horus Statue in the Egyptian Museum

The Edfu Temple is one of the best preserved and truly magnificent. The main protagonists in the most famous celestial family story in Egyptian history are depicted on the walls in incredible detail. 
Beautiful, it really is.

Entrance into the Edfu Temple

There is a room in the right wing of the Temple where I perceived a very familiar presence. It was powerful to the point this body almost fainted. There was also dizziness and an inability to focus.

My mind began to vaguely understand what was happening when our guide described a depiction of the 'Sky Goddess' on the ceiling:
my Nuit was overshadowing the ancient Egyptian god form Nut, it seems...

The entrance into the 'Sky Goddess' room:

Nut, the 'Sky Goddess' room:

Tomorrow, we will explore the Luxor area; my human heart, however, is already fulfilled.

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