October 26, 2023


To support the work on the After Abyss articles on this Blog (and in a forthcoming book), I will share descriptions of the nondual insights.

The nondual here translates to awareness far beyond or above the Abyss after the so-called identity collapse:  the anatta (or anatma, non-self) insight and the cessation experience (nirodha samapatti).

But to get there, let us first examine the authentic Thelema teachings on samadhi in the video below.

I say authentic because when we stray too far to the left-hand side (ego-tripping, as it were), we start to make up things on our own.

There is nothing wrong with that, for sure. In Truth, however, there is no need to invent new things, for Reallity above the Abyss is already perfect.

On a more personal note, great work summing up the original ideas on Samadhi, brother IAO131!

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