March 16, 2018

Kali and Babalon

Om Krim Kali

"On Kali and Babalon

Babalon and Kali both represent the Forces of Nature that render the dead, through the principles of dissolution and decay into the fertile material for new life, or new potentiality. They are both Goddesses who manifest within time and space - with the time aspect as Kala being particularly important. In this way they both appear at the End of an Age, for the Reclamation of the degeneracy which has taken hold of people and the world. 

Kali unmakes the world of mankind at the end of Her age in the East, the Kali Yuga, while Babalon provides a similar role for the Aeon of Pisces in the West, as related by Her portrayal in Revelations. And then there is the fact that both goddesses are blue - it is Babalon's Daughters and the Scarlet Women and the Women of Spirit who are red."

Quote from: Who or what is Babalon?


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