February 1, 2018

Do what thou wilt?

Although my inner psychological climate is very much in line with the powerful words of Ra-Hoor-Khuit ("...Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!..." - Liber AL III: 46), integrity and respect still is and always will be, important to me.

Each Star (meaning each human being) traveles along the unique path, and thats ok with me. My Will stops where your Will begins.

And speaking of which, my Will or in other words, what is currently very much alive in me is an inspiration to share my experiences and thoughts on the all important topic: the Will.

After all, the Ra-Hoor-Khuit Himself says in the Liber AL that "There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt." (Liber AL, III:60).

To those who have integrated these words into spiritual and everyday lives, this one single line from the Book of the Law seems to be the cornerstone of all dimensions of the enigma called existence.

What does that mean?
How to get to know the Will?
Is the Will even attainable in day-to-day life?
Are everyday duties an obsticle to "doing the Will"?
Is there such thing as wrong Will?
Where my Will stops and where begins the Will of my God/Goddess?

I will elaborate on the subject of Will from two empirical standpoints:
- everyday or personal and
- spiritual or transpersonal.

So, here we go:

In the life of every man, woman, aspirant and adept there are two parallel processes going on and on, supporting and nurishing each other: growing up (personal development) and waking up (transpersonal progress).

There is one situation I am keep seeing in my work with people for the last 20+ years: most of individuals I meet neglect, push aside, supress and deny the personal issues. All in the name of spiritual progress, of course.

And so we can observe a certain pattern emerging in spiritual circles; yes, in our Orders as well: aspirants or adepts performing perscribed rituals each and every day, meditating, learning Libers by heart, consoulting Thoth tarot at least 11 times a day, wearing robes, experiencing LVX etc. AND still living with parents, with no job or doing a dead end job, with around 14,8 EUR or 15,6 USD in their pocket (no bank account, of course), living out of parents' fridge, having occasional "tantric" sex with no commitment whatsoever etc. - trying to spiritually advance while their life here on Earth is, well, non-existent.

Sounds familiar?

There is a huge difference between having a life here on Earth by walking the "Wilt" talk and avoiding personal issues by thinking that "Wilt" has got nothing to do with our lives here and now.

Having experienced what I share on this Blog and reflecting on my own past fuck-ups on the Path, I wish someone would have spoken to me about these things some 15 or 20 years ago. You see, I have always believed that spiritual path is the answer to everything.

Well, it is not.

There are certain things that meditation and Star Ruby rituals simply cant handle. Transpersonal things cannot handle the personal issues much like personal effort alone yields no transpersonal progress.

Exactly the same things I was running from in my daily life turned out to be serious obsticles to both K&C of HGA and Crossing the Abyss.

Was it my Will to run away from those negative components of my inner life? Nope. I was just under false impression that I am doing the Will. In reality I was just trying to get out of the shit I saw all around me. I wish I had been able to see my own shit and deal with it.

The Will is so much more, however. It is boundless source of inspiration, creativity and strong support at the same time. It is strenght and beauty integrated when expressed through constructive action here on Earth.

It is well beyond emotional drama and even further apart from even the most sophisticated dogs of reason.

The Will is.

Lets actualize it now, here on Earth, especially through growing up in our daily lives, if we, well, Will.

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  1. My will DOES NOT stop where anyone elses begins, false idols, there is only 1.


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