February 18, 2018

Total exertion

"I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men."
Liber AL III-49

"The evident interpretation of this is to take the word to be "Do what thou wilt," which is a secret word, because its meaning for every man is his own inmost secret. And it is the most profound blasphemy possible against all 'gods of men' because it makes every man his own God.

We may then take it that this Solar-Phallic Ra Ha is Each Man Himself. As each independent cell in our bodies is to us, so is each of us to Heru-Ra-Ha. 
Each man's 'child'-consciousness is a Star in the Cosmos of the Sun, as the Sun is a Star in the Cosmos of Nuit."
- The new comment by AC

It is a mighty practice to invoke various Godforms/Buddhas and unite Their Wisdom, Power, Light, and Love with ours...
...and yet, an even more powerful practice is expressing the Strength, Might, and Wisdom that is already fully present in us, not as in 'Gods/Buddhas working through men/women', but as men/women expressing our potential, fully.

That is the Will of Ra-Hoor-Khuit for the New Aeon: not to hide behind various Godforms/Buddhas, self-sacrificing and suffering (read: resorting to our timidness et al.), but to truly express our inherent individuality and divinity fully, regardless.

Man is God Asleep; God is Man Awake?
No, there is no god but Man

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