February 13, 2018

Fresh aliveness every day

"Death implies change and individuality;
if thou be THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the changing, even beyond changelessness, what hast thou to do with death?

The bird of individuality is ecstasy; so also is its
In love the individuality is slain; who loves not love?
Love death therefore, and long eagerly for it.

Die Daily."
- The book of Lies - 16 (The stag-beetle)

As we can read in the commentary on the above text in The Book of Lies, the meaning between the lines is about change (mostly :)  )

Change is always present, as the impermanence is at the very core of the material existence. The Master points in the direction of Life, Bliss, and Joy by bringing into the discussion the Love itself, only to, staying true to his way of expressing himself, bring the whole thing back down again by saying, Die Daily.

It is a shame that such a wonderful and liberating fact, the change, is often perceived as something rather dark, brutal, and hard; here it is even compared to death and dying (!)

The standard interpretation of the 16th arcana, The Tower (from the Thoth tarot, see above), adds to such burdened perception.

Granted, changes can indeed be difficult, and yet, there is a flip side of this coin:

There is a state of consciousness beyond change (waking, dreaming, and dreamless states) that can contribute dramatically to our progress: samadhi (absolute state of consciousness). Entering samadhi involves no dying; it is pure joy, peace, and freedom.

I've been 'entering' samadhi at will since 2007, and there is no need to force things. What has to be transformed and changed will present itself in due time. 

So, when the time comes, my dear mind, just let go. Practicing Samadhi is light years away from death and dying!

It brings into the stream of human awareness pure Light, Freshness, and Ever new Bliss daily.

So, there is no need to associate change with the dying. Let us connect the change with New Life, Joy, Strength, Freshness, and Freedom.

"...Success is your proof; courage is your armour; go on, go on, in my strength; & ye shall turn not back for any!..."
- Liber AL III: 46

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